The Best and Worst of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant

Best in Swimsuit

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega

Paulina’s body is perfection having the right curves at the right places. While some other contestants have prominent butts and bosoms, Paulina’s figure is just about right and that makes it pleasing to the eyes. She is not that leggy but she got a pair of slender legs. She is not that statuesque but her body swayed with class and elegance.  She was simply confident and regal on stage, and that’s all that mattered.


Worst in Swimsuit

Miss Slovak Republic Silvia Prochádzková

People might wrongly imply that we are only judging the body of the contestant in this category, but there’s no way we would solely evaluate a woman’s beautiful physique while disregarding other factors.  This category was evaluated based on confidence, energy and presentation, but sadly Silvia lacked all these during the preliminary swimsuit competition.  It is very unfortunate because she has a great figure and beautiful face, but where was the self-confidence?  She simply drowned in the swimsuit competition, especially that she came next to the spunky and vivacious Miss Singapore.

Best in Gown

Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha

This is fashion forward gown is something that can’t just be worn by anyone. Thank goodness, Diana has that long legs to flaunt through that huge opening at the bottom of the dress. The dress looks both classy and sexy and it did deliver an aura of sophistication. It’s also great to see that Zuhair realized that one can never go wrong with the red color.

Worst in Gown

Miss Paraguay Sally Jara Davalos

This gown is one of those what-the-heck-are-they-thinking dresses. It is wrong in so many levels. The color is drab and would simply fade onstage. The bodice doesn’t match the bottom where the metallic clash with the soft transparent fabric. Just wrong…completely wrong.


Best in National Costume

Miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner

Chanel’s National Costume is controversial, well, at least in Canada. The Canadians are not sure how to react on it. But why it is the best? Well, this was created by a great mind whose main purpose is to gather all things that are quintessentially Canadian and roll into one tableau.



Worst in National Costume

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa

An equally controversial costume, this terno is a mismatch of colors and it does not fit Mary Jean very well. The online memes are hilarious – from birthday cakes to cheap ice cream – but it underscores that this is at best a bastardization of someone else’s culture.  The artificial flowers embedded in different corners of the costume are in no way identifiable with the unique tropical flora of the Philippines, nor did the head piece represent a certain region or local festival in which the Philippine archipelago is famous for.


Quotable Quote

What is the greatest contribution of your country to the world?

“Well as we all know we have the home for the legendary Usain Bolt and Bob Marley who has contributed such great music to this world. And we have the fastest man alive who has been trailblazing the Jamaican flag.”

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell

 Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell answers her final question


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