MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT: If only she was there…

“I’m back in Mexico with my thoughts clear, my mind calm yet my heart on fire; I want to thank you for all the messages of support and love I received from you. I can not deny that not being able to qualify left me with a bad taste, with a feeling of exhaustion, pain, sadness, with many questions but few answers…”

Those were the words of Miss Universe Mexico 2014 Josselyn Garciglia posted in her Facebook account. Obviously grief-stricken by her non-placement at the semifinals of Miss Universe 2014, Josselyn however never griped or had shown any bitterness with what happened. Instead, she felt that she missed an oppurtunity to share her talent, her hardworking and dedicated attitude, and to do something that makes a difference.

Indeed, the true measure of a real beauty queen is based on being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Josselyn is so unlike the other beauty queens who like to fling accusations and launch tirades because things did not go their way. Well in fact, a griping and bitter failed beauty queen has nothing else to complain but her own attitude because that is in fact the source of her defeat. Not Josselyn. She is a true woman of substance who exudes class and pride. She worked hard for the Miss Universe pageant and she had the continued support of Lupita Jones even when she failed.

Looking back, there were no indications at all whatsoever that Josselyn will be left out. At interviews, she did well. Her shimmering gown at the preliminaries was an expensive looking dress that revealed her best curves. She projected elegance as she walked divinely onstage and did a royalty style full turn. Josselyn looked splendid in swimsuit as she hit the stage in a playful and fresh catwalk complete with a nice ponytail.

Thus, the exclusion of Josselyn from the Top 15 was a great mystery. Sash weight? Stiff competition? Unfavorable political landscape? There is no way of telling because the Miss Universe 2014 is one of the most criticized editions of the pageant. If only Josselyn was there at the Top 15, you bet she could easily be in the Top 5. But it was never meant to be. For Mexico, the Miss Universe 2014 truly ended with more questions than answers.


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