(6th Official Hot Picks)


Some candidates may have already arrived in “oh so cold” Tokyo, but as of press time, the early birds are not yet billeted in the official residence, so Missosology is here to introduce the Pre-Arrival Hot Picks of Miss International 2013!


1.  NETHERLANDS.  Nathalie den Dekker is a pageant veteran.  She was a former Miss Tourism International winner, and a semifinalist at Miss World.  In fact, do you know that Nathalie originally wanted to compete at Miss International before she started her international pageant career?  Yes, you read it first here on Missosology!  This 24-year-old blonde beauty used to work for Panasonic, and she even had an offer to shoot a commercial in Japan but that did not push through.  This pageant will be her first ever trip to the land of the rising sun!

2.  PHILIPPINES.  Bea Rose Santiago is also another pageant veteran, and is very much supported by her countrymen.  The Philippines has scored  a smashing success at this years pageantry, with a twin victory in September – Miss Supranational and Miss World – as well as finishing an impressive four-year Top 5 streak at Miss Universe, which was held last month.   Bea knows her strengths very well, and her undeniable stage presence during the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 finals has left a strong impression even until now, so she will use them to her advantage at the Miss International stage.

3.  VENEZUELA. Elian Herrera comes from the beauty pageant powerhouse in South America, and home of the most successful country in Big 4 pageants, that has never hosted a single one in their home soil.   Isn’t that quite a feat?   It’s like saying that “we don’t need to host one, to win one.”   This stunner, who was runner-up to Maria Gabriela Isler, the current Miss Universe, during their national pageant, will surely fight for her country’s seventh Miss International crown on her own merits.  She is tall, exotic and undeniably beautiful.  Everyone is anticipating for her arrival in Tokyo, and she will surely be a major head turner.

4.  MEXICO.  Lucero Montemayor is a born fighter!    She was the runner-up to Miss World Mexico 2013, and also the runner-up to Miss Universe Mexico 2013 (national pageants held in 2012).  Although both of her rivals were unlucky in their respective international pageants, Lucero will definitely turn these bad luck into charm and prove that the chance given to her by their national director, Lupita Jones, will not be put to waste.

5.  ICELAND. Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir is one of the tallest delegates this year.  She is actually one of the few national titleholders to compete at Miss International stage, and now at the ripe age of 20, she has developed more maturely and has learned from her previous international pageants.  This angelic beauty will fly all the way from the volcanic island in the middle of northern Atlantic Ocean to Tokyo, and will strongly begin her conquest for a second Miss International crown for Iceland.

6.  SPAIN.  Araceli Carrilero Martinez is another European beauty to watch out at this years Miss International.  After Spain’s impressive showing at Miss World and Miss Universe, Araceli is expected to do well at her country’s strongest Big 4 pageant.

7.  INDIA.  Gurleen Grewal was 1st Runner-up in the Miss Universe India competition.  This is a good attitude that India is showing towards Miss International, and they should have done this a long time ago.  Maybe they could have won a crown by now.    Gurleen was a favorite at her national pageant, and being assigned as this year’s Miss International India was welcomed positively by a lot of fans.

8. HAITI.  Clara Luce Lafond is a worthy successor of last year’s Miss Haiti International, Anedie Azael, who gave a commendable quest in Okinawa.  From the Caribbean group, she is the one who is considered to be the most anticipated delegate by Missosology, partly because of her unique look and hairstyle, as well as the beautiful skin color.

9.  BRAZIL.  Cristina Alives will surely bring her Brazilian hotness, and turn the cold winter chill in Tokyo into a melting pot!  She has the body to die for, and if she styles herself to suit the taste of what Miss International is looking for, she is definitely one delegate to watch out for!

10.  PUERTO RICO.  Ashley Beth Perez is another Latina sensation who can easily melt and bring the house down with her sizzling body and great personality.

11.  GIBRALTAR.  Jamielee Randall was a favorite at Miss Gibraltar 2013 pageant.  Although she only settled for the 1st Runner-up spot, a lot of disappointed fans really wanted and wished for her to compete at an international pageant.  Well, wishes do come true!

12.  JAPAN.  When Yukiko Takahashi was crowned, a lot of people thought that she was an upgrade to the current Miss International, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, while some skeptics were doubtful that a back-to-back win will happen.  But for Yukiko, the title means work, and she’s been working really hard for her advocacy, which is centered on reviving the spirit of the people living in the nuclear crisis city of Soma in Fukushima Prefecture.

13.  SWEDEN.  Eleonore Lilja is a sweet angel from Stockholm, who is very determined to give Sweden their first ever Miss International crown.

14.  GABON.  Reilly Mboumba Makaya has remained to be the strongest bet from Africa.  She has been followed by many pageant aficinados, and has been picked to give Africa their first ever Miss International crown.

15.  POLAND.  Katarzyna Oracka is a sweet and intelligent woman who aspires to become a lawyer.   Her beauty may not the typical Polish pageant girl that we see, yet, her magnetic stare and tantalizing eyes are hard to ignore.

16.  FINLAND.  Helianna Ylimaula is another intelligent woman who is determined to follow the success of her predecessor, Viivi Suominen.

17.  INDONESIA.  Marisa Sartika Maladewi is now under pressure to place, after her counterparts at Miss World and Miss Universe gave her country a semifinals finish.  She has shown positive signs of improvements, so this smart woman is now ready to conquer Tokyo.

18.  AUSTRALIA.  Johanna Parker is very amiable and friendly.  This blonde charmer with amazing body is expected to give Australia a good placement at the pageant.

19.  KOREA.  Ji-Eun Han is from Korea, and normally, Korean girls are well-received in Japan at Miss International.

20.  HONDURAS.  Jennifer Valle came strong at the beginning when it was announced that she would represent her country at Miss International.  But somehow, the lack of new information about her has made her less popular.


Other girls who are on our radar are the delegates from USA, Namibia, Italy, Macau and Hungary.   Let’s wait until all the delegates have arrived in Japan, and we shall publish our next Hot Picks.  In the meantime, what do you think of this list?