Missosology.Org, back in 2010, has formalized in its declaration that there are only 4 major pageants in the world – Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. Many disagreed but its okay. Missosology is not in the business of indoctrination. Whatever your taste or preference, Missosology will respect it as much as you would respect ours. The point of creating the Big4 pageants is to ensure that there is a standard as to which pageants are really considered as major and worth to follow tediously. All too often, we’ve seen new pageants sprouting up with so many names and the pageantry world seems to be getting overcrowded. We need to streamline on what we need to cover hence the need to name the Big4 Pageants.




And of course there is that ranking which at first was met with derision and suspicion and even accusation of being a copycat. But today, the Big4 ranking is getting positive reviews and has become the gold standard of pageant ranking. It is consistent and proven to be resilient to the test of time. Nevertheless, Missosology acknowledges that there are some minor international pageants that are gaining clout. We are proud that we have now official invitations to cover ALL of the four minor pageants next year. But wait, what are these four minor yet international and well-followed pageants? These are Miss Supranational, Miss Asia Pacific World, Miss Grand International and Miss Intercontinental. Missosology will be there next year to cover all of these pageants, promote them and give them due attention by creating sections for them in the website and the forum. The more the merrier right?




But we have a problem. Okay we have the Big4 4 so now what we will have? Minor4? Soon-to-be Big4? Big4-in-waiting? Elite4? Can you suggest a catchy name? Recommend one in the comment box below.

minor4The  Elite4 (?) current queens Miss Supranational Mutya Datul of the Philippines, Miss Asia Pacific World Shristi Rana of India, Miss Grand International Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico and Miss Intercontinental Daniela Chalbaud of Venezuela. Daniela is the 2012 winner. The new winner for Miss Intercontinental will be selected this December 14


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