Graphics by Krizza Enriquez [@kxxenriquez]

Long known for its obstinacy, Miss International has indicated that there will be some changes in the way the pageant is conducted. It may not be about allowing 80-year-old women to participate nor it is about anything that will erode the prestige and exclusivity of the pageant itself but somehow, change will finally come to the most conservative Big5 pageant.

Miss International will ditch the swimsuit competition for the first time ever. Well, at least the swimsuit competition that is for the public to see. There will be changes in production too and the fans hope that the pageant will embrace modernity. However, whatever “changes” that Miss International is up to must be taken with a grain of salt. Remember, this is the pageant that had a chance to make history last year but decided not to.

This year, there are a lot of stunning Miss International contestants. Latin America is quite a formidable team but Asia is also strong. One has to keep an eye on Africa as well and hope that Miss International will finally crown a winner from the continent. It is indeed a bit early but our panel of experts and core members has already shared their notes on who are the potential winners. Here’s the complete list of our first Hot Picks for Miss International 2023:

1. COLOMBIA – Sofia Osio

2. PERU – Camila Diaz Daneri

3. VIETNAM – Nguyen Phuong Nhi

4. CÔTE D’IVOIRE – Nassita Diako

5. THAILAND – Supaporn Ritthipruek

6. INDONESIA – Farhana Nariswari

7. NICARAGUA – Leylani Leyton

8. VENEZUELA – Andrea Rubio

9. PHILIPPINES – Nicole Borromeo

10. ECUADOR – Georgette Kalil

11. JAMAICA – Sabrina Johnson

12. BOLIVIA – Vanessa Hayes

13.  INDIA – Praveena Aanjna

14.  SERBIA – Viktorija Stojiljkovic

15.  FINLAND – Petra Hämäläinen

Bubbling Up:  

LESOTHO – Boitumelo Sehlotho

GUATEMALA – María Ranee Díaz

MEXICO – Itzia Garcia

PANAMA – Linette Clement

SPAIN – Claudia Gonzalez