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The last stretch of Miss International 2022 activities which included the all important preliminaries allowed many candidates to claim the spotlight that eluded them from the very beginning. However, based on the opinions of Missosology’s seasoned pageant experts and analysts, there are some that clung on to their front runner status. These candidates are inherently strong even before they set afoot in Japan and their position is amazingly so well entrenched. 

Miss Peru Tatiana Calmell is one of those frontrunners that retained their status. Interestingly, it is only when she arrived in Japan that her beauty was genuinely appreciated. She stands out from the crowd with her classy and poised demeanor and the fact that she was also the leading candidate in the previous Hot Picks reflects her resilience amidst the intense competition. If she will win, she will become the first Peruvian beauty queen to win the prestigious Miss International title. 

Miss Cabo Verde Stephany Amado was already on the radar of pageant experts and analysts by the time she was crowned as her country’s representative at the pageant. Is the time ripe for an African Miss International? Well, Missosology’s beauty experts thought it was the right time back in 2019 but that ended up in a disappointment. This 2022, Stephany is very much ready to make history but there’s a persistent voice that says the Miss International pageant is not. 

Miss Philippines Hannah Arnold has successfully demonstrated that her rigorous training and preparations truly paid off. She performed well during the preliminaries and she established herself already as someone to beat. Her country has already 6 Miss International titleholders but pageant-crazy Filipinos would warmly welcome their 7thcrown. 

The one to watch however is Miss France Maya Albert. In the previous Hot Picks she was just bubbling up and now she is experiencing a meteoric rise thanks to her prelim performance. The last time France won the title was way back in 1976 but a lot of Missosology beauty experts and analysts are saying that we shouldn’t be surprised if Maya will bring home her country’s second crown.

Miss Colombia Natalia López Cardona occupies the fifth place in the final Hot Picks but she’s been to a topsy-turvey journey in Missosology’s list. She started being not listed and then she steadily rose in rank only to slip a notch at the final stretch. Despite of this, she displayed grace under pressure and her polished prelim performance is praiseworthy. 

Miss Dominican Republic Celinee Santos is one of the headturners in the pageant. Her facial beauty is so fresh and magnetic. The 22-year-old lawyer and actress is silently building her momentum just in time for finals. It would be interesting how far she will go as she is one of the most talked about candidates among pageant experts and analysts.

Occupying the 7th place is Miss Mexico Yuridia Durán. Her country made a lot of progress at Miss International since the 2000s by winning the title in 2007 and 2009. In the latest edition of the pageant, Mexico finished as first runner-up which tells us that somehow the country has got Miss International’s number. There is that high expectation then that Yuridia will perform well when it matters the most.

Miss Germany Jasmin Selberg is a blonde and statuesque beauty that is capable of delivering Germany’s third Miss International title. Unfortunately, the last time the country placed at the semis was more than a decade ago so Jasmin is facing very strong headwinds.

At the 9th place is Miss Vietnam Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh. The latest development at Miss International and at the Vietnamese pageantry scene suggests that she is in a very strong position right now. Analysts and experts believe that she is a sure semifinalist thanks to oriental beauty and demure character. 

Rounding up the Top 10 is Miss Indonesia Cindy May McGuire. Since 2016, Indonesia has consistently placed at Miss International and with their victory in 2017, the country has established their foothold at the pageant. Cindy, who is fluent in English, is expected to ace the interview and speech segment of the pageant. 

Completing this list are:

11.       India – Zoya Afroz 

12.       Spain – Julianna Ro

13.       Canada – Madison Kvaltin

14.       Mauritius – Ava Memero

15.       Poland – Sylwia Stasinska

16.       Hong Kong – Rosemary Ling

17.       Norway – Romée Dahlen 

18.       Kenya – Cindy Isendi

19.       Costa Rica – Mahyla Roth

20.       Japan – Kiko Matsuo 

Bubbling up: 

Puerto Rico



New Zealand


Graphics by: Michael Ralph Montejo [@michaelralphmontejo]