Miss Earth 2014: And the winner is…




Looks like we already have a winner!

Miss Earth is one pageant where accusations of favoritism and deliberate snubbing of girls who are threats to the favorites never cease to disappear.  Every year, there are rumors of girls who receive unfair advantage because of their strong sash, while those who are of less importance are being ignored.  But just like any other rumor, these things remain as such until proven to be true.

This year, though, is no different than the other years.  It seems that only three girls are competing for the crown –  the dynamic trio of Brazil, Venezuela and host country, the Philippines.  In the BIG4 Ranking of Miss Earth, these three countries also compose the Top 3, but in reverse order, with the Philippines grabbing the lead from Brazil when the latter failed to enter the Top 16 in 2013.

Miss Earth 2009: Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela 1-2-3 finish.

Interestingly, these dynamic trio were present in the Top 4 in three out of five occasions since 2009.  Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela swept a 1-2-3 finish in 2009, in Boracay Island.  A year after, none of the three countries placed in the Top 4 when the pageant was held in Vietnam, the first and only time that the pageant was held off the shores of the Philippines.  However, in 2011, Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela took the three elemental crowns, while Ecuador won the top title.  A year later, in 2012, Czech Republic won the top crown, while the Philippines, Venezuela and Brazil, once again, claimed the three elemental crowns, but in different order.

Last year, just when everyone thought that the three would once again triumph in Versailles (the one in the Philippines), the delegates from Brazil and the Philippines did not reach the Top 4.  As a result, Venezuela easily took their second Miss Earth title.

One would wonder if Miss Earth is just revolving around these three countries, while at the same time, trying to balance the presence of other countries in the Top 16, in order to make an impression of being accommodating to different nationalities.   Remember, it was only in 2002, the second edition of Miss Earth, and in 2010 when the pageant went out of the Philippines, that none of these three countries was present in the Top 4.

Miss Earth 2011: Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela 2-3-4 finish. Winner was Ecuador.

One outspoken European contender this year even mentioned in her social media account that Miss Earth is like a “Mental Hospital” where the organizers play with minds.  They were very strategic, she claimed, about how they group their girls where the favorites are evenly distributed and not in direct competition with each other.  In return, it gave them a balance that will most likely aid the desired final result.

This year, the favor towards the dynamic trio could not be even more obvious.  Medal events are leaning to their favor, while new countries are occasionally being inserted in order not to skew the medal standing.  As of press time, Leticia Silva of Brazil already earned two gold medals, the same as the Philippine bet Jamie Herrell who also took several sub-awards from corporate sponsors.  Venezuela’s Maria Alexandra Rodríguez already accumulated a couple of silver medals and one special award.


Miss Earth 2012: Philippines, Venezuela and Brazil 2-3-4 finish. Winner was Czech Republic.

It is being said repeatedly that these medal events won’t reflect the actual result, such as in the case of Ilknur Melis Durasi of Turkey in  2012 who amassed a total of six medals – three of them were gold – but ended up as a non-placer.  In 2013, Sobhita Dhulipala of India got two gold medals as Miss Photogenic and Miss Eco Beauty, two very important awards of the competition, but was shockingly unplaced during the finals. However, these countries do not belong in the dynamic trio of Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela, so they cannot be used as standards.


Ilknur Melis Durasi of Turkey failed to enter the Top 16 despite winning three gold medals in 2012.

In the history of Miss Earth, Brazil is the only country that has rolled their way to the Top 4 after making the first cut.  It has never happened that the country only ended up in the Top 8 or Top 16.  For Brazil, it is either Top 4 or “clap”.  Venezuela has never failed to miss the Top 8 since 2005, when Alexandra Braun won their first Miss Earth title.  It boasts of an unbroken 9-year streak in the Top 8, seven of which brought them straight to the Top 4. The Philippines, being the home of the Miss Earth Organization, only missed the semifinals twice, and almost accomplished a back-to-back win in 2008 and 2009.

On November 29th, a new Miss Earth will be crowned.  Medal events are being held group per group, and we expect to see the same girls being awarded with the medals in events that require subjective judging, such as swimsuit, resort wear and national costume.  We should not be surprised, as well,  if we see another victory or elemental crown from one or all of the dynamic trio of Miss Earth.  Whether they deserve it or not is a matter of preference.

There are more than 80 beauties from around the world who came to the Philippines, believing that they arrived on equal footing with the other girls.  They also deserve to be recognized fairly, not for consolation prize’s sake but through a more reliable and believable judging process.



  1. Well its not only Miss Earth dear… Miss Universe as well or even worse…. that’s the excitement of pageants… first of all the 3 countries u said earned their spot in the pageant world right now…. they take it seriously and have a huge following… the point of these pageants are to choose an ambassadress who will represent their cause and weather we like it or not organizers are eyeing those with huge following and strong sash because they know that their frame of influence are already given… thou i understand what you were pointing out in here…

  2. Pageant organizers deserve to eye for someone with total package whom they could easily work with especially when pushing for their advocacy. I appreciate though your observation.

  3. Hey! It’s not their fault if the delegates from Brazil, Venezuela and Philippines are competitive.. after all ME is still a competition.. we can’t blame them if those representatives from the given countries are prepared for the competition.. How about your org Misso.. what can you say about your biased opinions and articles given the fact that you’re suppose to stay in balance but it seems like you’re always in favor of the neighboring countries.. and you’re always against the Philippines..

  4. so what about the times that trio did not place? why are you discussing when they placed but mum when they did not? writer seem to have a selective memory. out of the 13-year history of the pageant the title was won by Venezuela twice, once by Brazil and once by the Philippines. so are you not going to discuss about the nine years that trio did not get the title? also, what pageant in the world did you see Venezuela, Brazil and Philippines were not considered as sash factors? why are you singling out Miss Earth? i smell something fishy here.

    • Right on! Venezuela, Brazil & Philippines together have entered the top 5 not just in this pageant but notably in Miss Universe. And did anyone ever notice that if not these countries, it’s either Puerto Rico, India, USA, Spain, Colombia, Mexico or India who takes the crown in every pageant event. It’s not about favoritism but it’s about sending the best candidate. And if I may ad, yes, I think the best candidates this year for Miss Earth includes the 3 plus, watch out for USA (the best so far that they’ve sent), France, St. Lucia (I would love to see this black beauty wearing that crown), Ukraine, Puerto Rico & Zambia (a scene-stealer). And if these ladies are rounded up, it’s all down to how they’ll perform on finals night, not to mention that dreaded make or break Q & A. Who will ultimately capture the moment? This remains to be seen.


    This is my own opinion for this matter.
    I think that those mentioned countries are really prepared each year for this pageant hence they exerted much effort in their own country on how to preserved mother earth as its advocacy.
    We must put into our minds that those countries are powerhouse country in the world of pageantry yet MISSOSOLOGY recognize their placements as the BIG4 Title holder.
    I QUOTE that in the eye of the judges which every year are different persons coming from different places with its own expertise has chosen this ladies mentioned are well deserved enough for the spot.
    We must support Ms.Earth as it is for the mother Earth’s best as its advocacy.
    Keep your minds wide and clear of any results given with your full respect and understanding.
    I believe we are all educated enough to understand such things.
    Please be fair enough with all your opinions.
    Just give your best luck to the Girls competing for Ms. Earth 2014.
    Who will be the winners I believe they all deserve the placements they attain with a reason.

    A message from Japanese with care

  6. For the first time I COMPLETELY agree with Misso. I know Venezuela, Philippines and Brazil send stunning delegates but hey don’t we have any stunning delegates from other countries too? I am amazed how Carouseel Production becomes so biasedly generous towards these countries. For example; they kept ‘darling of the press awards’ in Presentation Ceremony and undoubtedly Philippines won that title. I researched a little bit and came to know that it went to Philippines last year too and that is obvious because she will of course be the local press’s favourite!

  7. It’s not planned or cooked as accused. Let’s face it. Brazil, Venezuela and Philippines always send pageant-ready, well-groomed, well-rounded and responsible delegates. Look at the videos, their advocacy, their dedication. They know how to play win this pageant. What can we do? They are really deserving! I don’t think this write up is a mere opinion. It expresses clear prejudice.

  8. Misso
    once criticized GB for carelessly removing ME from the so-called
    “grandslam” pageants. Misso can’t remove ME from the Big Four for
    obvious reasons. It’s one of the most publicized and recognized pageants
    worldwide. And Misso claims to be the leading online pageant magazine
    so it’s ironic not to cover one of the most watched-out pageants in the
    world. Misso is nothing without ME on its coverage. They don’t want to
    suffer the same fate with GB that can no longer mention ME. as a result,
    they just write malicious write ups to discredit the pageant.

  9. Biased! Stupid article writer! All this girls are worthy for the placement because they’re all polished in terms of packaging and preparation. In 13 years of ME only 3 or 4 times happened it’s just coincidence. Hello, why NOT make an article about stupid minor pageants that you guys are covering because you are PAID off! You guys are enjoying covering cheap pageant because of freebies, free airfare and vacay! Money money money that ME will never give you!

  10. this article is very biased. basically the one who posted this one is not in favor for Miss Earth or maybe dont like the Philippines at all. this is like some form of bashing. for me! but whatever happened, this is for Mother Earth. its not just about beauty pageants. Miss Earth is to preserve and save mother Earth.

  11. Great Observation! But I believe that the trio deserves the recognition.

    Mind you. In the missosology’s 5th hot pick. Miss Venezuela is on the top of the list, while the Philippines is on the 3rd place and Brazil is also in the list. Meaning, this site also agree that these Girls deserves spot in the finals.

    What do you think?

    • Venezuela (from the 1st spot) , Filippines ( from the 3rd spot) and Brazil … is longer in the list of this blog’s Miss Earth’s 6th hot pick.

      It would be acceptable if only this trios or even just ms. venezuela is in the list even in the 11th to 15th place.

      Isn’t it ridiculous?

  12. Yeah! This article is a big slap to the writer which very biased but their predictions these trio are frontrunners.

  13. Duh. So irresponsible. Why single out Miss Earth? You very well know that they always place in Miss Universe as well. It means that these countries are always prepared and ready. You just want to create havoc and degrade MEO because they are gaining popularity and maybe because MEO hasn’t invited you to cover the pageant or given you any kind of sponsorship.

    • Maybe once in a while they should question Miss Universe for having 8 winners from USA and 7 from Venezuela. Philippines only had 1 winner in ME and they whine about it. hahaha

  14. GB has totally ignored Miss Earth while national pageants in different countries have elevated Miss Earth in their rank of winners. As a result, many pageant fans has totally ignored GB. I once posted in their forum to criticize some of their actions and actions, but they never showed it in their thread. Where in this world can a two-year old international pageant (MGI) be considered Grandslam Pageant. Ridiculous! That pageant has not proven anything yet, their advocacy (Anti-war) is vague. Remember when they put MTQI in their grandslam list, they did it while the pageant was still very young and still building up credibility. What happened now? MTQI is now out of the limelight. it only means that their opinion in considering a granslam pageant is based on their self-serving interest. An international pageant will suddenly become grandslam the moment it shows affection to GB. hahahahahaha… when GB people are included in the judging panel… hahahaha

  15. It’s no surprise to me that this article is reeking with bias against Miss Earth! This is missosology, remember! A number of so-called writers in this forum are the same nonPinoy bashers (with administration connections) who are always envious and bitter of Pinoy’s growing achievements in the world of pageantry. These nationalities are already given so there’s no need to mention here.

  16. I have a feeling that TITAN wrote this article. You know how jealous of him that India keeps on unplacing in Miss Earth? Their greed are so blatant and they can’t even win Miss International.

  17. How could people just forgot the scandal when the president of the contest was selling the crown? This is the most corrupt pageant in the history of human kind!

  18. look at their latest Miss Earth 2014 6th Hot Picks. Philippines, Brazil and Venezuela are not included in the list. I smell something about this. They wrote an article which criticized the MEO, Philippine, Brazil and Venezuela. However, in their 5th hot picks, no. 1 is Venezuela, 3rd is Philippines, 13th is Brazil. They even agree that these countries deserve some spots. Looking at their 6th hot picks, perhaps, they have already read all the comments here, they did not include these three countries in their hot picks. Oh, missosology. Be fair XD

  19. I think we should ask pageants judges.. Not only M.E. but the big 4 and other pageant. Remember these 3 countries rocks world pageantry including non major pageant. If im not mistaken venezuela had most no. Of crown, philippines had most no. of beauty pageant title, brazil was the 1st to complete big 4.. I love misso but i love M.E more… And i love philippines the most and i hope she will win the crown..

  20. Miss Earth is organized by the Philippines, that is why Miss Philippines is always in the top 4. In Mexico the main beauty peagent is called Nuestra Belleza Mexico, and they sponsor girls to the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International, it is a shame they don’t sponsor for Miss Earth becuase it is not a partial competion, Philippines is always favorite and that is not fair for the rest of the countries

    • You can only say that if Mexico is a powerhouse country to Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss International but you’re not. sorry dear

    • Even though Miss Earth is held in the Philippines our delegate showed her worth in the semi finals. We are sending competitive, and well trained delegate every year not only in Miss Earth as well as in other international beauty pageants.

  21. I watched the show. The emcee was pathetic. the show was boring and degrading to women. The Q&A part was no brainer. However I applaud ms Russia to be the most honest. ms Philippines’s answer was a textbook answer with no substance. If ms earth is about caring for the world I think the show should reflect more of it other than the girls strutting in bikinis and evening gowns and some retarded answers.