Women from all corners of the globe paraded their patriotism in Mount Theme Park in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province at the annual Miss Asia Pacific World National Costume competition. This year’s jury members were mostly Koreans coming from different backgrounds. Egypt’s Miriam George got the most nods from the panel & was adjudged this year’s Best National Costume. Now we at Missosology acknowledge 13 notable delegates with spectacular costume & presentation.


1. There goes the Carnival! The joy of the Caribbean flows through this traditional costume. Perhaps this was the best in the bunch! Trinidad & Tobago truly knows how to work it! Her energy was contagious. So we say oo-lalah to this vivacious lady from Trinidad & Tobago!

2. Mongolia is looking very much like a doll in her well-crafted traditional costume! She glides with grace and élan. Evidently, during the National Costume Preliminaries, she has one of the best catwalks. She looks like an empress from Mongolia. This lady is a go-getter! She is not just among the amongst so we give way to Mongolia!

3. Venezuela is very bubbly! She wore a gown which embraces her nation’s flag – studded with transparenshimmering material. This lady is also a clear frontrunner! Don’t bend it on Venezuela!

4. What makes a great national costume is when it is a true characterization of the country being represented. Miss Panama did just that when she wore outlandish garb with native colors and materials.


5. Egypt is the golden girl! She sashayed her way with her beaming golden gown with some turquoise studs on it. Cleopatra must be really threatened with this lady. Oh by the way, she won this year’s Miss Asia Pacific World Best National Costume Award. Congratulations! We’re just so eager with Egypt!

6. Chile presented a sexy Chilean Warrior number. This lady knows how to give a good show. Iamamos su paseo! Don’t chill it with Chile!

7. Philippines stood out in her modern red studded Filipiniana costume. She mixed fierceness & grace with her presentation. As always, Filipinos are everywhere. At the venue, her countrymen cheered for her.

8. The hometown lady is a cutesy patootsie! It was an exquisite Han Bok for Korea. So the Koreans at the venue screamed their lungs out to express their admiration for this lady. On her core is Korea!

9. The cold breeze at the venue truly complemented Latvia’s national costume. In her “Snow Princess” she looked like she was ready to splatter snow across the stage. Her costume resembles coolness but the lava is about to explode for Latvia!


10. The bomb! We declare that she has the best body in this year’s edition. This statuesque lady from New Zealand wore a sexy bikini while waving the flag of her country. The zeal from Zeus for New Zealand!

11. Siberia’s traditional costume is so queenly. This tall lady from this cold country is definitely in contention at the top so never sigh for Siberia!

12. China wore a Red Traditional Chinese Clothing – Cheongsam. It was huge and she carried it very well so chin up China.

13. The national bird of this nation is the inspiration of this costume. Instead of Sari, India wore a peacock-inspired gown. This lady is very subdued. She’s hushed but she’s definitely in demand! India!

Other standout beauties: Ecuador, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, USA