Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2014 Gabriela Berrios in the cover of magazine. Can she bring the sixth Miss Universe crown for Puerto Rico?


Since winning its fifth Miss Universe crown – an amazing feat for such a small nation – Puerto Rico is struggling to produce its sixth. This is not to say that the quality of its Miss Universe contestants weakened. Well in fact since Zuleyka Rivera, many Boricuas of top notch quality were sent to Miss Universe to compete. However, circumstances and trends worked against Puerto Rico. Let’s take a look why the sixth Miss Universe crown for the enchanted island is yet to come.


Uma Blasini in 2007 is tall and statuesque beauty but had that unfortunate position of being a successor to a Miss Universe winner. Back then, a back to back win was improbable at Miss Universe and Uma was simply sidelines because Zuleyka won a year earlier.


Ingrid Rivera is one of the most watched delegate in 2008. She already showed her strength at Miss World contest earlier but she had a tough time proving her worth at Miss Universe. Beautiful and sexy, Ingrid was thought to have been denied of the semis place because of her gown at the prelims. The truth is, Ingrid’s facial scars – which are visible only up close – caused her downfall.
Mayra Matos Perez could have been the next Miss Universe. She was charming, beautiful and full of confidence. But the year 2009 was an extraordinary year which saw the first ever back-to-back win. It was also a year that some allegations of crown fixing surfaced.
Mariana Paola Vicente had a good run at Miss Universe 2010 contest. She is smart and she had a banging body. Until the moment she stepped out in this horrible gown, everyone thought she could give Ximena a fight for the crown.
How could this phenomenal body of Viviana Ortiz Pastrana failed to advance in the top 10? Well, it was 2011 and Brazil is the host. It was an extraordinary edition of Miss Universe where all Portuguese speaking candidates landed in the Top 10 but none of the Spanish speaking Latinas made it to the Top 5 (which is weird)
Bodine Koehler is a mystery case. She was perfect in every way and her non-placement at the semis at Miss Universe 2012 shocked a lot of people.
Monic Perez was a star of Miss Universe 2013. But she failed to advance to the Top 10. With this shapely body, how could she possibly miss the cut? Some blamed her hairstyle but non so conclusive could really explain the anomaly.