Celine Herregården is currently in China to compete at the 2017 Miss World pageant. She is 18 years old and works as a barista. She also volunteers as a homework helper. Know more about her in this exclusive interview.
Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
I am really afraid of spiders and cockroaches.
How would you describe Norway to your fellow contestants?
I want to describe Norway as a country with opportunities. Everyone gets a chance to succeed and work hard to reach their dreams. We have freedom of speech in the country so everyone has the opportunity to have their own opinion. Next to this we have a magical nature, beautiful fjords, midnight sun and northern lights. With my participation in Miss World, I want to show the international countries what Norway has to offer. My national costume is inspired by our magic light.
What is your beauty secret?
My beauty secret must be that I am drinking lots of water, eating avocado and lubricating my face with coconut oil before I sleep.
What can you say about the women’s role in the history of your country?
Norway has been on the forefront of gender equality the last 200 years as a natural part of work lifted and politics. Making Norway being ranked high or on top at different gender development indexes as the United Nations one. The proud history of woman’s place in Norwegian society can’t be underestimated as an important force in the national economy, politics and domestic life.
What are your preparations for Miss World 2017?
My current preparations to Miss World is catwalk, video presentation, photoshoots, national costume, evening gown and a lot of workouts.

Since when you were interested in beauty pageants?
When I was 15, I was a lot bullied at school. I would use the beauty to show everyone that you can get far by being yourself and following your dreams.
What makes you proud of being Miss World Norway 2017?
I am so honored and proud to be the one who represents Norway in one of the world’s biggest beauty pageants. I will also use my voice to help the youth who are bullied and inspire them to never give up.
What would you say to other Norwegian girls that would like to participate next year in Miss Norway 2018?
Always believe in yourself, never give up and have a plan B.
What qualities do you think will enable you to shine at Miss World 2017?
I think my energy and smile will make me shine at Miss World 2017.
And finally a message to all of your fans out there.
Never give up on your dreams and be yourself no matter what people think about you. Thank you for all the love and support!
Special thanks to Jessie Ambrosio of Missosology Nordic Countries for the interview. Missosology.Org