Miss International 2017 3rd Official Hot Picks

We are now entering the week when the contestants will start arriving in Tokyo.  The Miss International Organization is now busy arranging the airport pick-ups for the 72 expected delegates at this year’s Miss International Beauty Pageant.  Prior to the arrival of these lovely delegates, Missosology has been following the slow revelation of the national delegates who will battle it out for the top title.
Topping our pre-arrival hot picks is none other than the glamazon from Colombia, Vanessa Pulgarin.  For two consecutive years, Colombia has failed to enter the first cut at Miss International.  In 2014, the gorgeous mulatta, Zuleika Suárez Torrenegra, almost won the title but since then, it has been downhill for Colombia.  To be fair with Vanessa, she is one of the most followed MI delegates on Instagram this year.  Aside from her statuesque figure and gorgeous face, her ultimate weapon will definitely be her catwalk skills.  This year, we have gathered from a reliable source that MI will be re-introducing a long runway on stage.  This type of “runway” stage design was last used in 2014.  This development will certainly work in Vanessa’s favor, who like the other Latinas, prefer a long walk to display their lively stage presence.
Speaking of another Latina who will definitely benefit with a long ramp is the recently appointed Miss International Panama, Darelys Santos.  With legs that spell eternity, Darelys will surely catch the attention of the judges who will be evaluating them in terms of overall stage impact.   Let us also not underestimate the fact that she is the tallest delegate this year at over six feet.
At third place and first time in our Top 5 is the beautiful Niti Shah of Nepal.  Niti is an intelligent young achiever who has been an influential figure among Nepalese within and outside of Nepal.  With an Instagram follower of more than 127,000, she is officially the most popular delegate in the social media outlet that matters to the Miss International Organization.  If she can further increase her Twitter followers, and post positive and meaningul tweets, she will be unstoppable!
Meanwhile at fourth place and is a new addition in our hot picks is the stunning delegate from Curacao! Chanelle De Lau is best remembered with her amazing performance during the preliminary competition of of the 65th Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Manila last January.  Although she failed to enter the Top 13, she was able to gain a lot of fans and followers who believed that she deserved another shot at an international pageant.  Curacao only had one placement, so far, at Miss International and Chanelle has a good chance of even winning this year’s crown.
Completing the Top 5 is the only delegate so far who has always been in the winning circle of our hot picks.  South Africa‘s Tayla Skye Robinson is poised to make history for being the first African to win the Miss International crown in nearly six decades.  Blogs and pageant portals from around the world predict Tayla as the one to beat.  We hope that she will be able to sustain this momentum because all eyes are set on her.

Although she dropped to 6th Place, Indonesia‘s Kevin Lilliana still remains as  Southeast Asia’s best hope for winning the crown.  After receiving topnotch training from Filipino pageant experts, she can rock the pageant with a better competitive edge.
At seventh place is Finland‘s Pihla Koivuniemi who is Europe’s best hope for a crown.  She actually reminds us of Miss International 2012 1st Runner-up Viivi Suominen, who is also from Finland.  She also possesses the calm aura of another compatriot, Mila Romppanen, who was 4th Runner-up in 2014.
The surprise in our list is the very first representative of Laos, who is pegged at eighth place. Phounesup Phonnyotha, a 20-year-old native of Vientiane, has this angelic beauty that will make you want to stare at her even longer.  She emerged as the winner in a separate pageant organized by the Thai owner of Miss Grand International.  Unlike Miss Universe and Miss World, no country in Miss International has ever won the title after joining for the very first time, save for the very first edition.  Will Laos be the first to achieve it?


At ninth place is another Miss Universe crossover, Patricija Belousova, who will be representing Lithuania.  Patricija is now 23 years old and has already matured since her stint at Miss Universe 2014.  With her background as a ballet and ballroom dancer, she will definitely be a sight to behold during the three rounds of competition in the final gala.  To complete the Magic 10 is Hong Kong‘s Wing Wong.  Wing has a really cute name and we expect her to be one of those few delegates who will be called more by her first name instead of her sash name.  Wing is very photogenic, and just like her predecessor, we expect her to be utilized by Panasonic Beauty, which is a major sponsor.  But, that does not mean that she will be favored outrightly.  Although it is an advantage on her part, she must know how to capitalize on it through an amazing catwalk, great stage presence and winsome smile.
Mexico still remains as a delegate to watch out.  This country has been sending great delegates these past three years but have always fallen short in enterting the Top 5.  Hawaii is another new addition in our list and this sexy lass looks really sassy in her photos.  India and Ethiopia are also two new additions who we should keep an eye on.  Their participation at MI was just recently made known to the public, but they already gained a lot of supporters.  Completing our pre-arrival Top 15 is the delegate from Vietnam, whom we expect to be dressed with amazing wardrobes just like the previous Vietnamese delegates at Miss International.



1. COLOMBIA (Vanessa Pulgarin)

2. PANAMA (Darelys Santos)

3. NEPAL (Niti Shah)

4. CURACAO (Chanelle De Lau)

5. SOUTH AFRICA (Tayla Skye Robinson)

6. INDONESIA (Kevin Lilliana)

7. FINLAND (Pihla Koivuniemi)

8. LAOS (Phounesup Phonnyotha)

9. LITHUANIA (Patricija Belousova)

10. HONG KONG (Wing Wong)

11. MEXICO (Citlaly Higuera)

12. HAWAII (Courtney Coleman)

13. INDIA (Ankita Kumari)

14. ETHIOPIA (Bamlak Dereje)

15. VIETNAM (Huỳnh Thị Thuỳ Dung)

Bubbling Up:  Australia Brazil Japan Macau Philippines



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