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In a few hours, the 70th edition of the Miss World pageant will finally wrap up the 2021 Big5 major pageant season with the crowning of Toni-Ann Singh’s successor.

Over the past weeks, the candidates underwent numerous activities, challenges and sub-competitions. The ladies were judged by rigorous, well-rounded set of requirements that will eventually reveal the personality of a true beauty with a purpose

With Miss World tagged as one of the most unpredictable pageants, it is a difficult task to narrow down the leaderboard to just a Top 30. Missosology’s core group of experts and correspondents reviewed each of the ladies as well as the trajectory of the pageant based on historical trends and more importantly the narrative that the pre-final contests has given us. Based on those, here’s our final hot picks for Miss World 2021.

Top contenders
There was no unanimous choice, but our experts believe that it is now the right time for Venezuela to reclaim its powerhouse status at Miss World. After years of luckless campaigns, the powerhouse country has finally found the perfect representative with the beautiful Alejandra Conde. This 24-year-old medical student has spent the past year polishing herself and working on her her social projects. The momentum is on Alejandra’s side as she is one of the most popular candidates at the moment. She is giving a strong performance and it would be an injustice to deny her the crown.

However, another contender who is set to give the rest of the ladies a run for their money is the Philippines’ Tracy Maureen Perez. After winning the Head to Head challenge, Tracy has gained more momentum after making it to the Top 6 of the all-important Beauty With A Purpose round for her project dedicated to her late mother. With her great showing in the fast track events, plus her unforgettable performance at the final head-to-head challenge, Tracy is definitely peaking at the right time and who knows, she might just bag the Philippines’ much awaited second Miss World crown.

In third place is Cote d’Ivoire’s Olivia Yacé who is probably the MVP of the Fast Track events. She won the Top Model and Head to Head challenges, a Top 27 finalist in Talent, and first runner-up in Designer Dress. She is also the leader on Mobstar at the moment. But while a strong showing does not really equate to a high placement, we believe that Olivia has the qualities of a Miss World: stunning beauty, understated elegance, and gift of gab. Remember, so many Miss World titleholders were also Top Model winners so there is that kind of indelible “winner alert” tag on Olivia. It would be a refreshing to see an ebony stunner from Africa win the Miss World crown again after 20 years.

Placing fourth is Poland’s Karolina Bielawska who has proven during the Head to Head challenge that she is more than just a beautiful face. Not as popular as the other delegates, but this 22-year-old masters degree in management student will make her a great ambassador given her dedication to her volunteer works. With her dedication to charity, Karolina is very much capable of sustaining the groundwork laid out by the former and current Miss World.

And rounding out the Top 5 is the lovely Sienna Evans of the Bahamas. She possesses a very sweet and soft beauty and one can say that she is on the same league as former Miss World winners Rolene Strauss and Kaiane Aldorino. She is a great speaker, too, as evidenced during the Head to Head challenge. For representing a small nation with not that strong performance at Big5 pageants, Sienna is a welcome surprise. It would be truly historic if this beauty will bring home the blue crown.

Not to be ignored
If not for the continental restriction (in the past three editions, only one lady for each region advances to the Top 5), we could have put India’s Manasa Varanasi in the Top 5 together with the Philippine delegate, and our ranking would have changed a lot. Her presence cannot be ignored and we believe that she could give out Top 5 a run for her money. This girl is eloquent! Manasa speaks with so much passion (which was very evident in her Head to Head challenge and Beauty Talks episode with Missosology). If Miss World is looking for a spokesperson who walks the talk, then Manasa surely fits the bill. Watch out for her!

Czech Republic’s Karolína Kopíncová is one of the most beautiful faces from Europe, and she also managed to be a Top 10 finalist in the Top Model competition and the Beauty With a Purpose round. Czech Republic last won the Miss World crown in 2006, but they have failed to place in the winners’ circle since then. This time, we believe Karolína has the beauty and the talent to propel her to the top.

The host delegate Aryam Díaz of Puerto Rico has shown much improvement since her national crowning. She was second runner-up in the Top Model competition so that is a sign that she is a contender.

The African region is coming strong this year and Cameroon’s Audrey Monkam is no exception. Winning the Head to Head challenge, and placing second in the Top Model competition were good enough to put a spotlight on Audrey.

As the winner of the sports contest, Mexico’s Karolina Vidales is assured of a place in the semis. This woman though has a great rapport with her fellow contestants and she has shown that she is not just about beauty but also about physical well-being and great attitude that matters.

Vietnam’s Đỗ Thị Hà is probably the best her country has sent to Miss World in many years. She is a finalist in Top Model, Talent, and Head to Head challenges, and her performance speaks volumes. In case she wins, We would certainly welcome Do Haas the next queen for she certainly has a good heart and pleasing personality.

As if it’s not enough, here comes another strong contender from Asia. Japan’s Tamaki Hoshi might spoil everything from the heavy favorites and run away with the Miss World crown. She is tall, well-spoken, and charming! This is going to be an interesting battle for the Asian continental queen title!

One of the favorites from the start, France’s April Benayoum seems to have lost her luster early on in the competition. However, April has made her mark by qualifying through the Top Model challenge, and not to mention that she has the beautiful face that can catch anyone’s heart. The country has traditionally performed well in Miss World so expect her to be up there.

Colombia’s Andrea Aguilera has not qualified in any Fast Track events, but that doesn’t mean she should be ignored. She is one of the stunners in the competition and in case she makes it to the semis, we think could upend the perceived dynamics of the contest.

Finally, the stunning Shudufhadzo Musida of South Africa competes our Top 15. The 24-year-old advocate for children and women empowerment as well as mental health is undeniably one of the best speakers in the batch. Shudu’s profile better suits the Miss World pageant and by sending the main winner to Miss World will surely earn additional brownie points for South Africa.

Check out the complete list below:

1 Venezuela, Alejandra Conde
2 Philippines, Tracy Maureen Perez
3 Cote D’Ivoire, Olivia Yacé
4 Poland, Karolina Bielawska
5 Bahamas, Sienna Evans

6 India, Manasa Varanasi
7 Czech Republic, Karolína Kopíncová
8 Puerto Rico, Aryam Díaz
9 Cameroon, Audrey Monkam
10 Mexico, Karolina Vidales

11 Vietnam, Đỗ Thị Hà
12 Japan, Tamaki Hoshi
13 France, April Benayoum
14 Colombia, Andrea Aguilera
15 South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida
16 Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios

17 Malaysia, Lavanya Sivaji
18 Jamaica, Khalia Hall
19 England, Rehema Muthamia
20 Dominican Republic, Emmy Pena
21 Botswana, Palesa Mofele
22 Chile, Carol Drpic
23 United States, Shree Saini

24 Madagascar, Nellie Anjaratiana
25 Paraguay, Bethania Borba
26 Ireland, Pamela Uba
27 Kenya, Sharon Obara
28 Nepal, Namrata Shrestha
29 Mongolia, Burte-Ujin Anu
30 Indonesia, Carla Yules

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