Miss Universe 2014 Ma. Gabriela Isler was recently criticized for publishing her Swiss passport in the Instagram but the embattled beauty queen defended herself. How indeed a small post could cause such a huge firestorm? Ma. Gabriela or Molly as she is affectionately called is Venezuelan by heart but it is cruel to deny the Swiss in her. The family name she carries, Isler, a family name that can be traced in the Swiss cities of Lausanne and Zurich.


As a Venezuelan beauty queen, Molly can travel quicker by using her Swiss passport, a pragmatic approach for a traveling beauty scorned by right wing nationalists but should be celebrated by people who understands that we live in a one whole global village. Oh, if only she resisted in posting her Swiss passport in Instagram. She should not be judged by what she is posting but as a celebrity this is understandably unavoidable. A piece of advice, think before you tap that post button.


Missosology supports Molly in celebrating the Swiss blood in her. As mentioned, she is Venezuelan but no one has the right to stop her from celebrating her heritage. History shows that many beauty queens were also a part of a culture or nation other than one that she is representing. Diversity should be celebrated not just in business, workplace or political office. It should be celebrated inside in each of us for somehow, our ancestors came from somewhere else other than on where we live right now.