With the conclusion of Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, the Big4 ranking revealed that the Performer of the Year award is a toss up between Spain and the Philippines. Interestingly, Spain is a former colonizer of the Philippines with so many aspects of Spanish culture still evident in the Filipino society today. Well in fact, the Philippines is sometimes dubbed that Spain’s gift to Asia.


With one Miss World and a Top 5 finish at Miss Universe, the Philippines is currently leading with 350 points but Spain is so close with 310 points after landing as first runner-up at Miss Universe and a T0p 6 finish at Miss World. It will be now up to the Miss Earth and Miss International contestants of both countries to decide who will reign supreme this year.


It is quite nice to note that both countries are pretty much close down to the personal level. Ariella Arida and Patricia Rodriguez are so close they actually call each other as mi amor. Megan Young and Elena Ibarbia were also good friends in Indonesia.


Indeed, it is up at Angelee de los Reyes and Cristina Martinez at Miss Earth and Bea Rose Santiago and Araceli Carrilero Martínez at Miss International to settle the issue as to who will reign supreme. But personally, who do you think will be the Performer of the Year? Watch out for the updated post-Miss Universe Big4 ranking, coming soon!


 Araceli Carrilero Martínez and Bea Rose Santiago 


Cristina Martinez and  Angelee de los Reyes