Miss Heritage Pageant was founded by Tare Munzara from Zimbabwe, the pageant formerly known as (Miss Heritage World )recently rebranded because of the need to have its own unique identity. The pageant was founded on the basis to incorporate all nations, all religions and all people from different backgrounds to be involved in the process of initiating positive change the world through the use of world heritage. The first edition for Miss Heritage was hosted in Zimbabwe, 13 December 2013 where Shequera Grace King from the Bahamas was crowned as Miss Heritage World, Swati Kain from India 1st RU, and Nataliya Poluektova as 2nd RU. Miss Heritage Pageant’s Vision statement runs consistent with UNESCO conventions on world Heritage in which the pageant mission statement being ‘’Celebrating Diverse Beautiful Cultures.’’ The Mission being ‘’To fuse beauty pageantry and Heritage into a quality entertaining, educative, life transforming and multi Nation integrating tool that enhances development for universal heritage promotion, preservation and protection, by the use of national heritage beauty queens as ambassadors for the greater glory of sustainable development. This year’s theme is Sustainable Heritage through Education and the pageant shall be hosted The Kingdom of Lesotho in Africa, on the 6th of December 2014, where the winners shall be crowned in their Heritage national Wears. Already National Directors have started to prepare for the grand Finale, Rwanda, Philippines, and Iceland has already crowned their National Queens.

Participation is welcome to single and never been married women from ages 17 -28, height 1.64m going up. The pageant concept is not just by name, mission, vision and objectives but also its programs and production which is purely Heritage. The fusion of heritage and beauty pageantry is very much an astute noble idea because it creates the idea of modelling for a purpose that is greater and deeper, making pageantry a tool for sustainable development. To represent a nation’s heritage is an important aspect because heritage is everything that a nation is made up, from the physical and personality characteristics of the people, the values, the climate, the religion, literature, the laws, the man made and none man made features, the history and the current affairs and the ideas and philosophy of that country. All those things make up a country and they are the National Pride and National Treasure of each country, so by having women from different countries represent all that in Miss Heritage it creates many positive end results. Having Nations gathering to exhibit, and celebrate their national heritage on an international platform in competiveness addresses the issues of global unity capacity building, heritage exchange, women empowerment and youth integration.

The main objective is to use heritage as a tool for sustainable development throughout the world ,so that there is change in people’s lives being derived from the benefits of National and world heritage.. Having a National Queen in a country that encourages Heritage promotion it then leads to the revival of traditions and possible the restoration of sites and monuments. Heritage Tourism has impacts which are positive and are grouped into economic, environmental, social, and cultural; which include, building community pride; enhancing the sense of identity of a community or region; promoting intercultural/international understanding; encouraging revival or maintenance of traditional crafts; heritage events, enhancing external support for minority groups and preservation of their culture, broadening community horizons; and enhancing local and external appreciation and support for cultural heritage. Every National Heritage Queen should encourage Heritage for sustainable development in their country, for various communities.

However a powerful force of determined young women can change the face of world heritage Miss Heritage Pageant calls upon all countries to join not because it is an international pageant but because of the concept behind the pageant.


List of 2013 Winners


Winner: Shequera Grace King Country : Bahamas
1st RU : Swati Kain Country : India
2nd RU : Nataliya Poluektova Country : Russia
3rd RU : Francesca Ena Country : Italy
4th RU : Tatiana Torres Country :Ecuador
Miss Personality : Ramzain Suma Country : Sierra Leone
Heritage Ambassador Africa : Nigeria : Stephnora Boniface
Heritage Ambassador Latin America : Tatiana Torres
Heritage Ambassador Europe : Francesca Ena

If you want to participate as Contestant or National Director at the Miss Heritage World Pageant 2014 Pageant this December… shoot an email to

Road to the Kingdom of Lesotho
2014 Miss Heritage contestants

Miss Philippines, Odessa Mae Tadaya

Miss Rwanda, Marlene Mutoniwase