Graphics by Michael Ralph Montejo

In the next 24 hours or so, the inaugural Miss Charm will come into conclusion. Whoever will win the crown will have the honor of being called as the first ever Miss Charm. Indeed, it will be a historic win and it is something that will be forever etched in the pageantry history books.

So, who win bring home the bacon? Well, the preliminary competition provided a great preview on how the pageant will conclude. Miss Dominican Republic Valentina Campion with her bon vivant attitude is the choice of Missosology’s beauty experts. She’s sassy and charming and a true representation of the pageant. Local girl Thanh Thanh Huyen is making her own mark and watch out for her as she is a serious contender for the crown. Amazingly, the rest of the top 5 are from superpower countries. Miss Colombia Juliana Habib Lorduy, Miss Philippines Annabelle Mae McDonnell  and Miss Venezuela Lady Di Mosquera were scored highly by our beauty experts.

Here’s the complete list of the Final Hot Picks:

1. Dominican Republic – Valentina Campion 

2. Vietnam – Thanh Thanh Huyen

3. Colombia – Juliana Habib Lorduy

4. Philippines – Annabelle Mae McDonnell 

5. Venezuela – Lady Di Mosquera

6. Russia – Anna Baksheeva 

7. Ukraine – Anastasiia Panova

8. Indonesia – Olivia Tan

9. South Africa – Luyanda Zuma 

10. Costa Rica – Andrea Montero 

11. Netherlands – Elize Joanne de Jong

12. Cambodia – Sotheary By 

13. Chile – Anahí Hormazábal Garay

14. Mexico – Karen Bustos 

15. Thailand – Patitta Suntivij 

16. Portugal – Andreia Correia 

17. Poland – Sylwia Bober 

18. Nicaragua – Isabella Salgado 

19. Argentina – Julieta García

20. Zambia –Grace Mwila