Graphics by Michael Ralph Montejo [@michaelralphmontejo]

Miss Charm is showing a lot of promise thanks to the classy and elegant approach of its organizers. The contestants are well taken care of. They were exposed to the culture of Vietnam and there are several noteworthy activities prior the finals. Not bad for a pageant that was cancelled numerous times due to the pandemic. Miss Charm is indeed showing a lot of promise and definitely a pageant to watch out for!

This year, there are so many high caliber contestants and it is not easy to pick the frontrunners. We turned to our panel of beauty experts who graded each contestant based on their recent performance. The Top 20 are as follows:

1. Colombia – Juliana Habib Lorduy

2. Dominican Republic – Valentina Campion

3. Russia – Anna Basheeva

4. Venezuela – Lady Di Mosquera

5. Philippines – Anabelle Mae Mcdonnell

6. South Africa – Luyanda Zuma

7. Chile – Anahi Hormazabal Garay

8. Ukraine – Anastasiia Panova

9. Poland – Sylwia Bober

10. Vietnam – Thanh Thanh Huyen

11. Indonesia – Olivia Tan

12. Costa Rica – Andrea Montero

13. Mexico – Karen Bustos

14. Cambodia – Sotheary By

15. Argentina – Julieta Garcia

16. Nicaragua – Isabella Salgado

17. Netherlands – Elize Joanne De Jong

18. Thailand – Patitta Suntivijj

19. Brazil – Luma Russo

20. Malaysia – Shannen Jade Totten