Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach started her reign through a series of interviews with the American press. From CNN to radio stations to US Weekly, Pia is slowly proving her detractors wrong. For example, many of her critics forewarned that her first runner-up may become more popular than her. But Pia will – arguably – come down in history as the most famous and most popular Miss Universe ever. Certainly, the Steve Harvey gaffe will play a huge role as people kept on talking about Miss Universe for several weeks by now.

As Pia showed composure, intelligence and grace during these interviews, fans from across the globe are loving her more. Her answers to the rapid questions fired by Don Lemon of CNN proved that Pia is a quick-thinker and an intelligent woman such that any claims that her Miss Universe answers were simply memorized will simply be scoffed at. Pia also masterfully handled trolls and tricky questions. Her answer on whether she is willing to share her crown with her first runner-up drew praises from American commentators.

In overall, Pia showed everyone why she is the real Miss Universe. She has shown an aura of a queen though it is pretty obvious that kept her feet on the ground. Pia promised to be confidently beautiful with a heart and so far she is on the right track to make good of that promise.


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