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Venezuela, Angola, Montenegro…do I see Peru in there as well, all running to hug and support Ariadna Gutierrez. I saw the videos and the photos and my dear Filipinos were all like “OMG! These are rude contestants!” Well, it looks like some people have short memories for I have some news flash for you all: sourgraping – I mean, b*tch*ness – is the new “in” thing at Miss Universe!

Have we all forgot the Miss Universe 2014 (or 2015a, whatever)? While some contestants ran to congratulate Paulina Vega, some of the girls rushed to Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell. They even hoisted her up and chanted “Jamaica! Jamaica!” What a deja vu, don’t you think?

Déjà vu? Kaci Fennel was consoled by Miss Universe 2014 contestants
Déjà vu? Kaci Fennell was consoled by Miss Universe 2014 contestants

Meanwhile, Miss Angola Whitney Shikongo complained that she got death threats and Miss Montenegro Maja Čukić had to deal with trolls, all because they supported Ariadna. Now, I am not sure what happened to the delegates who supported Kaci.

Sure, many Filipino fans were so offended by those delegates who supported Ariadna and my point is, they shouldn’t. I once read that the only country who is happy with the results of Miss Universe is the country who won the crown. All others are sourgraping a.k.a. b*tch*ng.

In Miss Universe 2014 (which was held in 2015), the same conduct was in display in full view of the audience. Some candidates were rude to the winner Paulina Vega of Colombia and all went to the 4th runner-up Kaci Fennel of Jamaica to console her. At Miss Universe 2015, this “rude” behaviour was further aggravated by the mistake in announcing the winner. Add the fact that other contestants played as the “fifth judge” during the final three! So each of them has a bet. I suppose that even without the mistake, Venezuela, Angola, Montenegro and of course India, will still rush to Adriana instead of congratulating Pia.

In the coming years, sourgraping will just be there and the only country that will be happy is the country that won the crown. I suppose that this phenomenon is simply a part of Miss Universe and with these b*tches around, the pageant will get more interesting.

Kaci Fennel was lifted by her fellow contestants at the conclusion of Miss Universe 2014 pageant
Kaci Fennel was lifted by her fellow contestants at the conclusion of Miss Universe 2014 pageant



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