Not much has been heard about Mireia Lalaguna ever since she sneaked into Barcelona after winning the Miss World crown. While the Miss World organization decided to give the exhausted beauty queen a bit of a furlough, she is without doubt the latest celebrity in her native nation. After all, Spain is hungry for good news and it has been a while since Spain won a major pageant crown and this is their first Miss World title.

Paparazzis swarmed Mireia wherever she goes but she basically shied away from the limelight. A homecoming is scheduled later this month but the humble beauty is swamped with offers. Soon, a leading Spanish magazine named Hola will feature Mireia on its cover.

Mireia has indeed won a lot of hearts in Spain. She probably can keep Spain politically intact as what could be a more powerful symbol against the regionalists by having a Catalan beauty queen proudly representing all of Spain?

With such an exceptional humility, Miss World indeed chose the right winner. Spain may no longer have the same interest with beauty pageants like it had in the past but Mireia is just too beautiful to ignore. She is something of a good news really for her country weary of sluggish economy, high unemployment and restive regions. Mireia brought Spain an honor and for that she is winning the hearts of her compatriots.





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