If missosologists concluded that India has a good chance at Miss Universe 2013 this year, it could be so because the Indian Prime Minister just visited Russia and that Russia has a good relationships with India. But at least, Manmohan Singh did not meet Manasi Moghe right?


So what is this Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa doing at Miss Universe meeting up with Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez? Well before anyone will draw the guns, the President has the right to meet one of his citizens and they are discussing a valid cause – Worlds Aids Day. Okay, fine. And what about Miss Russia? Well, this President Correa is a leftist, an antagonist to the United States and he is far close to Putin than Obama. So no harm in meeting Elmira again, right?


President Correa will actually be at odds with Mr. Trump, the former being a socialist and the latter being a true blood capitalist. Mr. Trump had been routinely accusing President Obama of being a Socialist with derision which when fact President Obama is actually the Coke Zero version of President Correa. Here’s a fact though, no Ecuadorean beauty has made it to the Miss Universe semis since 2004. Of course we all knew that it was a year when Ecuador hosted the event.


Fact: Russia and Ecuador has good relationship. Another Fact: Ecuador has a weak sash. But whatever influence that President Correa wields will only be determined once the hosts finished calling in the semifinalists. If Constanza makes it, at least you would know why.


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