To some, it is a clear cut sign that Miss Universe is on decline. To some however, this is nothing but a momentary hiccup. But for the Miss Universe Organization, this is about betting on its strong brand and hope that the quality of the pageant as a whole will be enough to put the criticisms to a mute mode. True, Miss Universe is supposed to be held annually and Missosology made an open letter to the organization detailing the need for a pageant this year. But reality trumps sentimentality. And technically there’s Miss Universe 2014 as the title that is up for grabs this January 25 suggests. For most of the fans, that is just 4 months wait tops and that’s really nothing.


Whatever is the reason behind the January 25 schedule is yet to be told publicly. What is known in Missosology though is that someone from MUO knew about the January schedule months before that tweet of mayor of Doral. This indicates that things are going to be shaken up within the MUO and let’s hope it’s for good. Miss Universe continues to be the most followed beauty pageant with strong fan base from East Asia and Latin America – two regions that are passionate about pageants and where the growth of world economy is basically concentrated. Miss Universe 2014 in 2015 may have raised eyebrows but clearly did not bother the fans worldwide.


So come January 25th, a new Miss Universe will be crowned. Slightly bruised, Miss Universe will come out from all of these hullaballoo as a survivor. Its exciting finals night program will erase any doubts that it is still the best of the world. Time to move on from all the drama and time to figure out on who will win the 2015 crown.