Another Paulina yet again
By Ric Galvez

The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE Pageant

Colombia’s Paulina Vega tops Missosology’s Final Prediction for the 63rd Miss Universe pageant in Doral. Will she win it all?

They share the same name but will they share the same destiny? Both were tagged as the frontrunner all throughout their respective competitions but are they both destined to clap? I am of course talking about Miss Universe Colombia 2014 Paulina Vega and her namesake Miss Universe Poland 2013 Paulina Krupinska. I remember how Paulina Krupinska topped in so many predictions lists in 2013 not only because she is one of the most invited contestants in various activities but also she can speak Russian – the language of the host city.

Let me draw the parallelism at the macrocosm. Both Poland and Colombia are nations that are considered as home of so many beautiful women yet both struggled at Miss Universe. Colombia has one crown and while Poland has none, it can boast multiple Big4 crowns. The fact that both nations are having trouble in producing a winner at the pageant is already weird.

Now to the similarities of the two Paulinas. Paulina Krupinska was labeled as her country’s strongest delegate in years and her country’s best hope. Interestingly, Paulina Vega is also called as the strongest Colombian contestant in years and that she is the best hope for her country that has been yearning for another crown for decades. Both are considered frontrunners in their own respective competitions yet both were allegedly snobbish. They are both the most talked about contestant and both are hailed as queenly, very model-like and that they both aced their prelims.

Missosology predicted Paulina Krupinska to be the first runner-up in 2013 while just now, Paulina Vega is the predicted winner. Paulina eventually clapped in 2013 much to the shock and dismay of pageant observers around the world. Now, the question is, will we have another clapper Paulina?


Poland’s Paulina Krupinska was a top favorite last year, but ended up clapping in the background.


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