Oh lala…say oh lala come on yo!

It’s the Miss Universe season once again and one of the most awaited part of the pageant is the National Costume contest. It is a tradition that dates back to early years of Miss Universe and every year the costumes are getting more colorful, more grandiose, and more avant-garde to point that the some of the critics are calling the costumes as a Halloween party or something. Nevertheless, it is in National Costumes that each participating nation can showcase its national pride and identity. From the allegorical to tribal, from symbolic to real-life wardrobes, here are some of the reported National Costumes of Miss Universe 2013.


Miss Nicaragua Nastassja Bolívar

Nastassja will wear a costume that is typically associated with the pre-Columbian Central America. The plumes, the jewels and the fabric used in this festive costume reflects the glory and grandeur of meso-American culture that fuses the Aztec and Mayan influences.



Miss Mexico Cynthia Duque

This is a costume with a lot of details that draws inspiration from the native Indians of Mexico. Traditionally the plumes are ever present in both Aztec and Mayan costume. Some parts of the headdress and the scepter include dried leaves woven in traditional Indian way.


Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht

Dominique will pay homage to the snow and ice so closely associated with her country. Switzerland afterall is known for its alps and ski resorts.


Miss Sri Lanka Amanda Rathnayake

This is a very unique bronze colored costume depicting the art and styles of the Sinhalese people.


Miss Singapore Shi Lim

Posing with the designer Riyan Haffys, Shi will showcase to the world the ever beautiful orchid – a symbol of Singaporean national identity.


Miss Poland Paulina Krupińska

Simplicity is beauty but this is far from being simple. This is a traditional Polish embroidery beautifully set in a white background.


Miss Peru Cindy Mejía

Cindy will be wearing a traditional costume among the highlander Incas. The colorful costume draws inspiration from the design and fabrics of the ancient dwellers of the Andes.


Miss Mauritius Diya Beeltah

Diya will showcase the colors of Mauritius – Les Quatre Bande. Red for the blood spilt during colonization and slavery; blue for the Indian Ocean that surrounds the island nation; yellow for the fabulous sunshine; and finally green for the vibrant flora of the country. Of course, everyone should know, that these are the colors of the national flag.


Miss Malaysia Carey Ng

Absolutely fabulous in gold, Carey will wear a costume designed by Syomir Izwa. The costume is named Puteri Perak (Princess of Perak) and will feature the traditional fabric of songket from the Malaysian state of Terengganu.


 Miss Japan Yukimi Matsuo

This is no doubt that this costume gives tribute to the sakura (cherry blossom) which blooms only once a year and for just a week that signals the arrival of spring. The kimono’s colorful design evokes the beauty and joy brought about by the sakura. The cherry blossoms are beautifully set in the huge traditional fan and are stylishly cascading at the train of the costume.


Miss Indonesia Whulandary Herman

Whulan’s costume is inspired by the traditional East Javan dance of Reog Ponegoro. The costume is a fusion of lion and peafowl elements which the dance itself symbolizes. The wonderful and unique dance is accompanied by  the equally unique music and chants. Reog Ponegoro as a dance shows off the strength in a lion and the gracefulness of a peafowl.


Miss El Salvador Alba Delgado

The costume of Alba is entitled Oráculo de adivinación (Divine Oracle) and draws inspiration from the Mayan folklore. It was designed by  Rosemberg Rivas with elements of the fire tree embedded in the costume. The fire tree is considered as a sacred seed by the ancient Mayans.


Miss Czech Republic Gabriela Kratochvilová

Gabriela will wear a costume that is unmistakably Czech. The colors reflect the national flag while the upper part shows the national coat-of-arms


Miss Costa Rica Fabiana Granados

This ensemble is wonderfully feminine with the pink feathers are is appropriately complemented by the golden headdress and jewelry that streaks across the costume. The design evokes the pre-Columbian culture of Costa Rica


Miss Australia Olivia Wells

Olivia is wearing a costume that was voted by the Australian public and it represent the beach culture and rich fauna of Australia. Jason Dean Chetcuti designed the costume


Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez

Monic will be paying tribute to the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico. It is complemented by the coral headdress and accessories.


Miss Thailand Chalita Yaemwannang

This is rich golden hued traditional Thai costume inspired by  au bah or flower garland.


Miss Ecuador Constanza Báez

Designed by Elvia Alvarado, this jewel encrusted costume reflects the rich pre-Colonial culture of the Incas.


Miss Vietnam Trương Thị May

This is a departure from the usual ao dai of Vietnam. This costume shows the ethnic culture of the country with the fabric and design inspired by the highlander tribes.


Miss Paraguay Guadalupe González Talavera

Guadalupe’s costume is an allegory to the song Canto de mi selva (The Song of My Jungle) by a famous Paraguayan composer. The costume was designed by Alfredo Rueda.


Miss Bolivia Alexia Viruez

Entitled Rosita Pochi, the beautiful and unique costume of Alexia was inspired by a dance from eastern Bolivia with the same name. The costume was designed by Eduardo Ribera