The mayor of Doral is out and about giving interviews about Miss Universe and everything indicates that Miss Universe will be in January 2015. And why there is no official MUO announcement? The mayor said there are some documents that need to be sorted out. TV stations in the Hispanic sphere of United States including the newspapers are now trumpeting that Miss Universe will be on January 2015 in Doral, Florida.


If this will indeed materialize what title will be at stake, Miss Universe 2014 or Miss Universe 2015? Last time we made a big deal about the banner of Ma. Gabriela Isler naming her as Miss Universe 2014. And then we made some issue about seeing it and not seeing it sometimes. Well, that has been rectified right now. Make no mistake, Ma. Gabriela Isler is Miss Universe 2013. And so what is at stake in Doral will be the Miss Universe 2014 title and all the 2014 national winners regardless of age by the time of competition will be eligible to compete.


Still, we need to see the official announcement by MUO. Right now, it’s all silent and no doubt the MUO website is enjoying spikes of visits these days. Just how many times per day do you visit the MUO website to check out the official announcement?


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