第3回 MUJ2014 ファイナル・ホットピック



On March 12th (Thursday) a new Miss Universe Japan will be crowned.  For the past three years, the approach of having regional delegates from all of Japan’s prefecture have been taking place, and we have seen such diversity in terms of beauty, personality and style.  This year, we expect a lot from the organizers to come up with a result that everyone could understand.  Japan is a country with lots of beautiful women, and this year, the MUJ class of 2015 have gathered 44 of those beauties from all over the archipelago.  The finals will be held, once again, in Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, and Missosology will provide an English real time update from the venue.

Who do we think are worthy of the MUJ crown?  These are our choices!

1. NAGASAKI – There is no doubt that among this year’s finalists, only Ariana Miyamoto was able to capture the interest of pageant followers from all over the world. She is the reason why MUJ 2015 became an interesting pageant to follow. She may be facing two difficult hurdles to win the crown: (1) the improbability of winning a back-to-back victory for Nagasaki; and (2) the fact that she is half-black, which in Japan is not a common thing.  But if she wins, she will compete at “Miss Universe” and having said that, she must be universally appealing. Ariana is the only one with a universal appeal and it will be a shame if she does not place nor win. Donald Trump will definitely LOVE her, because she has an interesting story to back up her beautiful face, outstanding body and extraordinary catwalk skill!

2. KYOTO – Mayuko is sweet, bubbly and very refreshing to look at. Up close, it can’t be denied that she has the prettiest facial profile, which is an advantage for a teenager like her. Having Mayuko as a winner at MUJ will send a welcoming message to aspiring teenagers who may want to become the next ultimate beauty queen in Japan.  Her body needs a little bit of extra workout, but for a young woman like her, it won’t be difficult to fix!  She is a diamond in the rough, and given the time, she would be a perfect contender for Miss Universe.

3. SHIGA – This oriental goddess with jet black hair has been gaining a lot of worldwide followers, leading close to the competition. She has an impeccable silky white skin, and a strong stage presence. She has improved a lot since her crowning as Miss Shiga, and the MUJ Beauty Camp has certainly helped her transform into competitive form.

4. EHIME – The diva! Akane is the sex bomb of MUJ batch 2015! She is oozing with sex appeal, which will certainly do well in the international competition, if she is given the chance to compete in Miss Universe. We love her winning attitude, infectious smile and amazing body! If she wins, we won’t be disappointed.

5. NAGANO – We used to have a little bit of reservation towards Saki, until we finally met her in person! She is so charming! She has the winning pose, and is always smiling like a real beauty queen! Blessed with long legs, she has one of the most beautiful bodies this year. We believe that it’s about time to see Nagano place in MUJ after two disappointing years where they were unfairly snubbed.

6. TOKYO – At first, Tamao was what we thought as the “woman to beat.” But up close, you would realize that there are others who could easily beat her in facial beauty alone. But, we believe that Tamao has the personally of a winner, and she is backed up with a very strong academic credentials. She is a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, and if that is not enough to give her a free pass in the semifinals, then watch out for her in the swimsuit competition!

7. IWATE – The exotic Sakiko! One would wonder if she is pure Japanese or not! Having been a runner-up at Miss Universe Chiba, Sakiko has learned a lot to improve herself. After getting the chance to represent the tsunami-devastated prefecture of Iwate, she has been unstoppable since then. Her English speaking skills is her main weapon! It will surely help her in the international competition, if ever she wins. She just needs to find the best hair styling for her so that her beauty will be emphasized.

8. MIYAZAKI – Domestically, Nanami Shimada has hordes of followers! She is the most popular on line, with lots of LIKERs and her fans don’t seem to get tired pushing those 5-STAR points, and crushing out the other contenders. But on a more serious note, Nanami is a fighter. She has a good body form, and has a strong organization backing her up. We love her short hair too!

9. AICHI – This is not the first time that Mao is competing in a national pageant. At Miss World Japan 2014, she had proven her worth by placing in the semifinals. This talented violinist has some resemblance with 2003 MUJ winner Miyako Miyazaki, and we think that it is a good thing. She is intelligent, talented and very polished on stage! Watch out for her!

10. OSAKA – Another teenager whom we adore so much, Yuka is originally from Ehime, which makes us think that this place is very blessed with beautiful women! This aspiring nurse has the legs to die for, long and well-shaped! Her simplicity makes her a stand out because she does not need to overdo things in order to be noticed.

11. CHIBA – Hikaru Tsuchiya is what most pageants initially thought as the “Face of the Pageant” but as the days go by, her momentum is slowly fading away. Yes she is very pretty, but she is way too short to standout in a group. If she stands right next to the taller Miss Shiga, she would be mistaken as her little sister. But we trust that Hikaru is a serious contender, and she will definitely fight for the crown!

12. OITA – One of the early favorites this year, Rina may have gone down in our ranking, but we honestly hope that after the bashing from Ayako Hara’s walking lesson, she turned it into something positive that would eventually uplift her level of confidence. She looks a bit tired and pressured when we saw her.

13. GIFU – We love Saya! She is demure, simple and simply enjoying the moment. Her tall frame is certainly an advantage, but she does not only rely on that! She has the face that can catch attention, so we hope to see that the judges will find the good things that we see in her.

14. TOTTORI – She has a wonderful smile, and we think that despite coming from a very small prefecture, she can create a huge impact in the national competition. We were pleased to see Tottori starting to discover beautiful women in their locality!

15. KAGAWA – Tall and statuesque Minori Miyaguchi is a rare find!  A former Takarazuka performer, she has the discipline of a real stage artist.  She is an aspiring model and hopes that MUJ will be a starting point for her to reach for that dream of becoming a bankable supermodel.

16. YAMAGUCHI – And finally we have Suzuyo Okamoto, from the westernmost Honshu prefecture of Yamaguchi.  She is a ballet dancer, which means that she can walk with fluidity and rhythm.   Although she is short, she always looks radiant with her one-sided hair which complements her beautiful face.

/Stephen I. Diaz






1ーミス長崎の宮本エリアナさん。3月7日(土)に原さんの目を引くウォーキング、トップ5に選ばれました。圧巻のウォーキングは芸術的で高い得点が期待されます。宮本さんが国内(日本大会)で乗り越えなければならないハードル(障害)が2つあります。1つ目は昨年長崎代表が優勝したこと。そしてもう一つはハーフ•ブラックであること。それらが理由で日本代表の座を逃すことは絶対に許されません。世界大会で通用するのは彼女です。Donald J. Trumpさんは話題が大好きです。宮本さんは大きな話題となり注目され、結果も出すでしょう。海外のファンは宮本さんが日本代表になることだけに期待し、興奮しています。公平なジャッジで世界中のファンを納得させたい。






6−ミス東京の多田 玉青さん。ウェブ投票はEグループ3位。質問に答えたり、意見を述べるのが上手です(論理的で説得力があります)。ズンズン進むアスリートのようなウォーキングを修正したい。「ダンスの曲も、水着審査の曲も、ドレス審査の曲も、どれも私が大好きな曲です。曲を何回も聴きながら、自分が本番で1番輝く姿をイメージしたいと思います。」

7−ミス岩手の冨田彩紀子さんは世界大会を一番研究しているファイナリストです。ウェブ投票はcグループ2位。2015MUJ千葉大会で3位に入賞し、その後岩手代表の座をつかんだ。FBへの投稿頻度も一番で、新聞などのメディアにも多く出演しています。また富田さんは話題が豊富で、様々な仕掛けをしています。3月7日(土)に原さんの目を引くウォーキング、トップ5に選ばれ、自信にあふれています。妹の真紀子さんは女子7人制ラグビー日本代表(サクラセブンズ)。 「私が目指すのは世界一です。(07年の)森理世さん以来出ていないので、私はその後継者になります!」妹が出したパスを姉がキャッチし、トライ(日本代表)を決める。











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