Bb Pilipinas 2015 Fourth Hot Picks


Missosology’s Binibining Pilipinas 2015 Fourth Hot Picks


Just a few more days left before we witness the crowning of the Philippines’ new set of queens. And as we anticipate this beautiful day, here’s our second to the last hot picks.

Leading the list is the beautiful Zamboanguena Nancy Lee Leonard, whose captivating smile and distinct beauty could represent the Philippines in any international pageant out there. Still in second place is the exotic Janicel Lubina who hasa gorgeous body and unparalleled stage presence. Up in third place is third-timer Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach who has improved so much since the screenings. Her rejuvenated aura and strong support system could be her ticket to the top plum. Completing the Top 5 for now are pageant newbie Ann Lorraine Colis and model Kylie Verzosa.

Will they keep their positions or a new set of girls will lead our final hot picks to be released during the weekend? Find out soon. For now, here’s our 4th Hot Picks:


1 Nancy Lee Leonard
2 Janicel Lubina
3 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
4 Ann Lorraine Colis
5 Kylie Verzosa

6 Christi Lynn McGarry
7 Patricia Lae Ejercitado
8 Hannah Ruth Sison
9 Teresita Ssen Marquez
10 Mae Liezel Ramos

11 Ina Dominica Guerrero
12 Princess Joy Camu
13 Danita Joan Ruazol
14 Anabel Christine Tia
15 Alaiza Flor Malinao



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  1. Pia doesn’t look like a Pinay…I don’t understand why she’s always in your top choices….just my thoughts though. heheheh

    • Ms U – Janicel
      Ms Intl – Nancy
      Ms Supra – Alaiza
      Ms Intercon – Marvi Ann
      Ms Tourism – Hannah
      1st Runner Up – Liezl
      2nd Runner Up – Pia

      • Excatly the same prediction like mine!!omg!!well done.nancy-universe,janicel-international,pia intercontinental.this is it!

  2. None of them is 100% Pinay. Otherwise, she will be someone who stands 5 feet or smaller with dark complexion and kinky hair. Janicel is the most beautiful and sensational among all of them followed by McGarry.

  3. I don’t think Janicel deserves a crown… She has represented the country in a couple of international pagents and she ended up a clapper. She might have a strong presence in stage and a very strong catwalk, however, she doesn’t converse very well in English which is the most important thing… She didn’t get notice in a non-significant international pageants what more in big-league international pageants…..

  4. I have 2 of my favorites in your top 5! Yay!! My list consists of:
    Miss Universe: Pia Wurtzbach. Because she’ll totally knock the competition there. She has this exotic sultry look but at the same time a strong facial features.
    Miss International: Kylie Verzosa. I have heard that the Miss International pageant will be held at Japan, and I just know her pretty face will be a total knockout there plus the fact that she’s tisay will be an edge.
    I have Janicel Lubina in my list too and I think she’s MU material but she needs to train more, maybe work in her styling and build that queenly aura of hers. She’ll be perfect after a year or two.
    This just my opinion though, nothing professional.

  5. Philippines does have the most beautiful women competing and I hope they crown the perfect one….that is someone who will win a place in top 5 and who knows be the next MU. I like Nancy Lee Leonard to win. The other best ones r Pia Alonso Wurtsbach, Ann Lorraine Colis, Kylie Verzosa, teresita Marquez and Mae Liezel Ramos. These girls will surely make Philippines proud in 2015.