Mayuko Hanawa, 27, becomes the first Filipina-Japanese to win the top crown in any major pageant in Japan. Mayuko joined at Miss Supranational Japan 2019 where she placed in the Top 5. She is a licensed kindergarten teacher, working in a kindergarten owner by her family. She was also crowned Miss Eco Japan 2020 and placed in the Top 20 at Miss Eco International 2021.

Mayuko Hanawa represented the prefecture of Ibaraki. The 1st Runner meanwhile is Ayano Shinkawa, 29, who represented Aichi and the 2nd Runner-up is Riho Sasaki (22) who represented Shizuoka. Mayuko will represent Japan in the 14th edition of Miss Supranational which will be held next year.

2022ミス·スプラナショナル日本代表に輝いたのは塙麻由子 (27)さんです。


2位は新川綾乃 (28)さん

3位は佐々木里宝 (22)さん