Miss Universe 2015 Gown Portraits


Miss Universe 2015 Gown Portraits

The Miss Universe 2015 contestants pose during the gown portrait photo session. Please note that some of the photos were not yet officially released. Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization.


  1. no no a Vietnam la mataron con ese trapo, xq? why tht gown Vietnam why? many gorgeous gowns on ok girls, liked Canada, Indonesia and Kosovo’s. colombia was missin here, i wanna know why, and Venezuela is a WTF r u thinkin? simple (in the worst way possible), ugly cut and black? im havin a heart attack

  2. Tanzania is clearly the stand out here. Gotta give credit where it’s due. Where did she come from?? Fierce! I was rooting for Phillipines and USA but this girl is stunning!!!

  3. What about Miss Colombia, you are missing on of the most stunning girls in evening gown, unforgivable!. At this poit the top 5 is clear: Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, Usa and Philipines. Please do not waste your time highlighting queens that will not even place such as: México or Venezuela. Thanks.