1st Hot Picks by Missosology

Now on it’s third year, the Miss United Continents 2015 pageant is getting bigger and better as it brings in quite a number of outstanding young women from all over the world to the dynamic city of Guayaquil in Ecuador. Formerly known as Miss Continente Americano, the pageant opened its doors to delegates from outside the American continent, thus it evolved into what is now known as Miss Continentes Unidos.

This is the first time that Missosology has officially made up a hot pick for this fast rising, and arguably the largest international pageant being held in South American soil.  After more than a week of tours and activities in beautiful Ecuador, here are the girls who have so far made a strong showing with barely five more days to go leading to the coronation night.

1.  INDIA (Sushrii Shreya Mishraa).  Sushrii is in a favorable position for being India’s delegate, a country that has been part of the Top 3 since they first joined two years ago.  She has certainly proven the weight of her sash when she easily grabbed the Best in National Costume award a few days ago.   While it can’t be denied that her beauty exudes gentleness and soft exoticism, Sushrii has a very strong support group back in her home country, and that will not be put into waste because she is being tipped to win the crown.

2. PHILIPPINES (Anabel Christine Tia).  The archipelago of the Philippines sent a very strong and polished delegate this year, thanks to this Bb. Pilipinas alumnae who has showered her fans with great showmanship since she arrived in Ecuador.   Her long straight black hair, silky smooth fair skin and warm smile are her weapons, but that’s not to say that she has no brains.  Anabel will easily handle the final Q&A once she lands a Top 6 spot, so watch out for her!

3.  BRAZIL (Nathália Paiva Lago).  She is definitely what many may say as the “Face of the Competition”. Nathália is indeed very pretty, and registers well on photos.  Brazilians have a good record at this pageant since the Continente Americano days.  It won’t be a surprise if this year, Brazil will win another crown in Guayaquil, but this time, it will be their first as Miss Continentes Unidos.

4.  ECUADOR (María Elisa Padilla Cardoso).  This year’s host delegate is truly doing a wonderful job.  Ecuador was the first country to win the Miss Continentes Unidos crown with the unstoppable Carolina Aguirre, back in 2013.  Although they failed to make the cut last year, we are confident that Elisa will not disappoint the home crowd! She is too lovely to be ignored.

5.  DOMINICAN REP (Kimberly Castillo).  One of the big favorites at the 63rd Miss Universe pageant last January, Kim is given another chance to prove her worth after her failure to make the cut in Doral.  However, it must be noted that she arrived almost a week later than the rest of the candidates, and it does not seem fair if she gets higher placement than those who obediently followed the schedule.  Kim is the delegate whom pageant fans were waiting for, so they expect a lot from her.  Last year’s winner was also from the Dominican Republic.

6.  PARAGUAY (Myriam Carolina Arévalos Villalba).  This glamazon is one of the towering beauties at this year’s pageant, and she never fails to catch people’s attention with her strong presence and lovely personality.  Paraguay does not seem to do well in Guayaquil, but Myriam will surely make waves this coming Saturday!

7.  JAPAN (Anri Okane).  For the very first time, Japan is sending a delegate at this pageant, and what a way to do that but to send a 180 cm stunner, who hails from Japan’s wacky western megapolis of Osaka.  Anri is no stranger to beauty pageants.  She was Miss Osaka 2015, who successfully landed in the Top 5 at the 2014 Miss Universe Japan pageant.  This 20-year-old university student has a joyful personality which can easily light up the mood wherever she goes.

8. MEXICO (Alejandra Jazmín Rodríguez Murillo).  At first, Alejandra was just silent when arrived, but as days passed by, her beauty  is slowly being appreciated and noticed by pageant fans.  It really helps that her beauty is very exotic, but once glammed up, she transforms into a goddess.

9. COLOMBIA (Daniela Andrea Castañeda Pardo).  Daniela may not be comparable to Paulina Vega, but her simple beauty is very much appreciated.  Her smile is very infectious, and we are expecting another fabulous Colombian gown to be worn by her come Saturday night.

10. DENMARK (Monica Isabella Hartig).  This blonde belle is easily noticeable in group photos, and her sweet beauty is indeed a breath of fresh air.  She is one of the only two delegates from Europe this year, but she is Denmark’s first ever representative at this pageant, while her successor was already crowned a few weeks back.  Denmark is taking this pageant seriously!


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