It was an unexpected call. Mr. L, a member of a reputable Thai pageant forum was aghast to know that it was a direct call from Tokyo with Miss International people on the other end of the line. Mr. L has developed a good relationship with the pageant for years and the call was a bit perplexing.

Turns out that there was indeed something that should be of a real concern. A Thai organization had approached the Miss International pageant for a hostile takeover. As reliable sources told Missosology, the organization was willing to dole out cash for the Miss International franchise in Thailand. Mr. L was caught off guard since franchise fee was an alien concept at the Miss International pageant. The money involved in the hostile takeover was something that Mr. L couldn’t afford.


Nawat with the first ever Miss Grand International winner

Mr. L was about to give up but fortunately, his good relationship with Miss International prevailed. The organization that staged the hostile takeover is the very same group that organizes the annual Miss Grand International pageant. Some pageant analysts believe that the actions of the Thailand-based organization is what prompted Miss International to start charging franchise fees, a move that many countries is currently worried about.

But in the grand scheme of things, the organization that attempted to buy out the Miss International franchise in Thailand had a grand plan. Before the Miss International Thailand story became known to the public, there was a huge news concerning the Miss Earth franchise in Thailand. The original owner of the franchise had sued Nawat Itsaragrisil, owner and organizer of Miss Grand International, over the ownership of franchise. Apparently, Nawat won the case as he was able to send a delegate at Miss Earth last year.

It seems though that Miss Earth made a fatal mistake when they awarded the franchise to Nawat. According to Miss Earth insiders and confirmed by Missosology sources in Thailand, Nawat attended the Miss Earth finals last year with the aim of inviting the Miss Earth National Directors for his Miss Grand International pageant. Miss Earth, in an effort to protect its own connections, severed its relationship with Nawat.

Some pageant websites, in cahoots with Nawat, distorted the story however. A story published in a website that is already way past its prime, claimed that Nawat dropped the Miss Earth franchise following suit the decision of Osmel Sousa not to send a contestant to the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. The web of lies however was untangled quickly as the Miss Venezuela Organization promptly issued a press release reiterating that Venezuela will be represented at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. Clearly, it was Miss Earth who dropped Nawat, not the other way around. To date, Nawat holds franchises for Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental pageant. The Miss Grand International is still running with the international finals slated in October. Oddly, the recent crowning of the Thai queens for these pageants were barely mentioned, if not totally ignored, in Thai beauty pageant forums. It turns out that there is a story behind it.


There was a big Miss Earth franchise “war” in Thailand but Carousel Productions sided with Nawat. It was proven to be a bad move

In the first ever pageant of Miss Grand International, Nawat invited the major Thai beauty pageant forums. The relationship turned sour, according to the Thai sources of Missosology, after it was found out that Nawat has been recruiting the members of Thai forums to join his organization. The deception was unforgivable for the Thai forums and its admins vowed to never cover, let alone mention, the Miss Grand International pageant.

There is no question that Missosology has supported Nawat in his bid to build a brand new pageant. But given how Missosology was dragged in the Miss Intercontinental controversy after one of Nawat girls won in what was described by pageant analysts as “victory under dubious circumstances”, Missosology has to think twice now in supporting the Miss Grand International pageant. Furthermore, if these allegations of stealing national directors and forum members will be supported by evidences, the whole Miss Grand International pageant was actually built not by its own merits as a pageant, but by lies, deception and ill-will. No one in the small world of pageantry should support this, and certainly not Missosology.

Sadly, given how Nawat has allegedly exercised the power of money in all of these cases, some pageant websites will continue to support the Miss Grand International pageant. It can now be revealed that Nawat has lobbied hard for Missosology to elevate the status of his pageant and be included as one the major international pageants. Misssology however, has given Nawat a clear cut answer by maintaining the Big4 Pageants, well, four.

UPDATE: Nawat Itsaragrisil, the individual in question that allegedly did some shady transactions, has vehemently denied all the allegations.


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