This year is called as Miss Earth‬ Pageant’s Crystal Year. But there are signs somebody wants to shatter the celebration


The coordinated moves to downgrade and malign Miss Earth is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is real. There are so many organizations and individuals out there who wish to drag down Miss Earth and declassify it from its present Big4 status. Sadly, the maneuver to oust the pageant from its present major pageant status does not only exist outside of the Missosology organization. It is even very present within Missosology.

It all started with a rumor that the Miss Venezuela Organization under the control of Osmel Sousa supposedly issued a statement that it will no longer send a delegate to Miss Earth. This is a big blow to the pageant considering that the Miss Venezuela Organization is one of the major and most watched national contests in the entire world. A girl trained by Osmel Sousa competing at Miss Earth gives the pageant some level of prestige and is one of the things that keeps it as one of the Big4 pageants. Turns out the rumor is not true. Osmel will continue to send girls at Miss Earth and it was expressed through an official press release by the Miss Venezuela Organization as published in their website.


So who started the rumor and what is the aim of such? Miss Earth is in fact in a precarious situation largely fueled by the allegation of the Russian press that the crown of Miss Earth can actually be bought. This was backed by a video taken using a secret camera purportedly showing Lorraine Schuck, a top ranking Miss Earth official, negotiating with the Russians on how much money it takes to win the crown. Missosology already issued a stand on the whole scandal and we reiterate that we do not believe that Miss Earth was involved in a crown-for-money scheme. We believe that the video surfaced as a retaliation by the Russian government after Miss Earth published the interview of Miss Russia maligning her own nation.

But other organizations and individuals have a stand of their own with regards to the issue and Missosology respects that. We can’t see things in the same perspective at all times but the truth is somewhere out there. Missosology’s stand is based on that oft heard legal jargon wherein to conclude that someone is guilty, it should be a guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Anyway, some organizations even went into great lengths to exclude Miss Earth in their news. For example, a website deliberately cropped the photo of Miss Earth Slovakia in its news about the Miss Slovak Republic winners. It is a blatant attempt to suppress the news and a clear indication that there is that innate hatred towards Miss Earth for some people. Whether it is fueled by the scandal or for some other reason, it is a great disservice to the public to distort news just to fit it in on ones agenda.

There are so many theories out there as to why there is a wide effort to drag down Miss Earth. For some, the way to the top is to drag others down. For some, they make it a big issue after their country’s delegate failed to make a cut. For other’s they simply don’t want the pageant to exist because the very form and consistency of the pageant is detrimental to their own agenda. For a while, it seems like a hallucination or some sort of bogeyman but the existence of people trying to destroy Miss Earth has now been proven to be existent.


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