Tonight, more than 50 ladies will battle it out for the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 title.

We’ve seen them grace the stage in their exquisite national costumes, elegant evening gowns, and sexy swimsuits. These preliminary competitions were a preview of the intense competition that is about to happen at the grand coronation night in Resorts World Manila.

Who will likely emerge on top? Check out the complete list below:

1 Dominican Republic, Eoanna Constanza
2 Romania, Ana Maria Ciritel
3 Philippines, Klyza Castro
4 Canada, Jessica Cianchino
5 Cameroon, Michele-Ange Minkata

6 Spain, Chaiyenne Huisman
7 South Africa, Mbali Silindokuhle
8 New Zealand, Chelsea Martin
9 Brazil, Carolina Schuler
10 Cambodia, Sothida Pokimtheng

11 Vietnam, Hien Nguyen
12 Netherlands, Caro Boonen
13 Australia, Anjelica Whitelaw
14 Colombia, Alejandra Rodriguez
15 Ghana, Charlee Berbicks

16 Germany, Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan
17 Japan, Emily Shimizu
18 Portugal, Jacqueline Alves
19 Belgium, Lauralyn Vermeersch
20 Costa Rica, Fiorella Cortez Arbenz
21 Indonesia, Santi Yuliani
22 Nigeria, Adedoyin Abiodun
23 Malaysia, Amanda Lee
24 Namibia, Ashleigh Kleintijes
25 Italy, Nicole Severo