Poland [Big4 Rank # 30] has a great difficulty in comprehending what strategy it must deploy so that it can earn some measure of success at the Miss Universe pagenat. The snubbing of Paulina Krupinska could either be taken as a great retort to Poland, or as some beauty analysts would suggest, a classic case of why a leading contestant should avoid a one-piece swimsuit at all cost! However, whether this is a wide scale conspiracy against Polish beauties at Miss Universe or a simple error of judgment in part of Paulina (yes, by choosing one piece), there is a great need for the country to understand what must do in order to win the crown.



The lessons that can be drawn may be extracted from the experiences of Polish beauties starting in 2011. Rozalia Mancewicz was a blonde beauty full of zest and joie d’vivre but with one apparent flaw – her body was not that toned. Lesson 1 for Poland – hire a gym instructor for your contestants and if there is already one, ensure that there is a rigorous physical training. On a larger scale, the Miss Polonia contest should institutionalize all the pageantry apparatus that pertains to the physical improvements of its contestants. Whether it is about proper make-up or hairstyle or body tone, the pageant must invest on experts in these fields so as to achieve tangible results at Miss Universe.



In 2012, Poland made a break by penetrating the semis – the first since Joanna Gapinska became 3rd runner-up in 1989. What can Miss Polonia learn from this? First, tall and shapely beauties like Marcelina Zawadzka do make an impact at Miss Universe. Second, Miss Polonia should now invest on the aesthetic part of the pageantry world. This include couturiers that know what a Miss Universe gown should look like. Marcelina’s gown in 2012 for example failed to exploit the young beauty’s main asset – shapely and statuesque body structure. To be included in the must-have list for Poland are people who can properly train beauty queens how to walk. The main reason why Marcelina failed to advance in the Top 10 is that her catwalk was so mediocre.


And then we all thought Marcelina was the harbinger for Poland at Miss Universe. Alas, Paulina Krupińska was in fact became a weak follow-up despite all the hype about her from the start. Again, Poland failed to consult with the experts. Paulina’s gown was so-so, her walk was not that awesome and she chose the wrong kind of swimsuit. To be emphatic, a one-piece swimsuit makes it appear that a contestant wants to hide something. The performance of Paulina at Miss Universe 2013 is where all the failings of Miss Polonia in the past two years converged.



But there is hope for Poland. Change has already happened at Miss Polonia contest. There is a new director and things are being radically revamped. Perhaps there will be a brief hiatus for the country and it will come full blast in 2015. For a country that can boast one Miss World and three Miss International crowns, it is quite pitiful to see it struggling at Miss Universe.


What the Miss Universe pageant must come to realize is that Poland is one of the largest EU nations with good economic growth and a sizable pageant fans. The country has successfully hosted the Miss World 2006 pageant and there is a deep cultural respect for beauty queens and pageantry within the country. Well in fact, the Miss Polonia pageant is an old and revered institution in Poland and for Miss Universe to simply waste the Miss Polonia winners is a travesty.


The conclusion of this analysis is simple but there is no doubt that to implement it is complicated. The Miss Polonia pageant needs to consult the experts and it must institutionalize its training regimen. There is no wide scale conspiracy against Poland and it’s doubtful that its exclusion is about politics. Poland has a vast pool of excellent beauties as evidenced by its performance in the other Big4 pageants. What is apparent is that there is a paucity of procedures and apparatuses to hone these beauties. This is something that Poland can do but it must be cautioned that it takes time and patience is definitely a virtue in this case.2 1