Based on the factual evidence, the Miss Universe pageant is a far more popular pageant in Brazil than Miss World. Nothing can back this claim up more than the Miss Brazil pageant which for years would send its winners to Miss Universe while the runner-up goes to Miss World. An even more quantifiable  evidence is how the two pageants are being broadcasted in Brazil. Miss Universe 2013 for example gets an Oscar like treatment complete with analysis and commentaries beamed nationwide and hosted by Renata Fan – Miss Universe Brazil 1999. Meanwhile, Miss World 2013 was simply streamed live via internet in Brazil’s largest portal UOL.

Juceila Bueno

The behavior of Brazilian audience where they put Miss World in a lower pedestal pushed the country into the sidelines of the pageant. A new direction was necessary and Miss World took action and created a separate national contest. The decision to completely dissociate Miss World from the country’s premier pageant was the right move and brought Brazil into a better position. Well in fact, since 2011, Brazil is on the upswing at the pageant. Juceila Bueno first started as one of the Top 30. Her curvaceous figure did a lot of help but she fell short to advance further.


Mariana Notarangelo


By 2012, Brazil is gathering steam. Mariana Notarangelo, a confident beautiful blonde beauty, captured the hearts of the judges in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. She was adjudged as one of the best 6 contestants during the finals. In 2013, Brazil even made more progress as Sancler Frantz made it to the Top 6 of Miss World. Having a separate national pageant clearly worked and the trend for Brazil shows it will be able to win its second Miss World crown.


Brazil’s Miss World contestants made good impressions for the last 3 years because they received ample and real support. The gowns that they used are eye catching and simply unique and brings out the best in their delegates. The national contest is well organized and seeks to find the best woman by ensuring that the large swath of Brazilian states are represented in the nationals. The Beauty with a Purpose project are done with genuine concern and not simply for the sake of having one.

Sancler Frantz

However, it must be pointed out that for Brazil to completely realize the dream it must understand what it takes to win the crown. Missing in the Brazilian delegates is that key ingredient that is so common among the winners lately of the Miss World pageant. That key ingredient is sweetness – Brazil needs a doce belleza. The strong, confident character that Mariana and Sancler have shown is obviously not enough to win the crown. Miss Mundo Brasil needs to soften the beauties of its queens and inject a more approachable and more gentler character.


What is expected from Brazil in the next few years at Miss World is that it will continue to land in the semis. If the crown will be realized once again, the attention of the Brazilian audience will pivot towards Miss World giving Brazil and Miss World a win-win situation. With public interests comes greater participation of great beauties at the finals and with better participation comes better chances for the crown. Miss World will benefit from this too as Brazil is the largest nation in South America with an economy of huge potential. Indeed, a Brazilian Miss World would benefit every party with the exception of course to the rivals of both Brazil and Miss World.