OPINION: Bea Rose should not be pressured to do unusual things


It has become a cliché these days that a Big4 queen should be traveling all over the world and doing all the advocacies that she was sworn to do. That is why Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago has been criticized online for not being a jet setter and not being visible doing her Miss International job. But these criticisms, while valid, are quite unfair.



First, the predecessors of Bea Rose basically did not travel that much or visible that much when compared to the other Big 4 winners. Second, Miss International is working closely with the UNICEF fulfilling its advocacy of international goodwill. Through the International Cultural Association, the pageant is working help the starving children in Africa and even the children affected by the typhoon in the Philippines and the tsunami that hit Japan.


To see Bea Rose touring the world, doing some charity works or crowning national winners would be unusual in the sense that none of her predecessors have been doing that. Miss International has an advocacy and its beauty queens do fulfill their obligations but the pageant has its own uniqueness. Let’s not demand from Bea Rose things that Ikumi or Fernanda or Elizabeth or Ana Gabriela did not do. Bea Rose has been a great beauty queen and there is no doubt that she has fulfilled things that a Miss International is supposed to do.


  1. Bea Rose Santiago is one of the loveliest and nicest beauty queens I have ever seen. All the critisim is just not fair to her. Neither the criticism about her nose cosmetic surgery or other… Such rubbish! (Every second beauty queen has some cosmetic surgery done, if not more of them, so why such a big deal for Bea Rose?) Bea Rose is a woman on a right place, she doesn’t walk the New York streets like Miss Universe and does not join fashion shows as usually, but she proves that inner beauty has the same value if not bigger than the beauty on the surface.

    • I agree! It is irrelevant, and only Missosology makes it relevant by blindly patronizing this organization which disrespected and dishonored their only Japanese winner, Ikumi Yoshimatsu.

  2. Bea Santiago is not being criticized for not doing anything. It is the organization, run by amateurs and greedy hands, that is to be blamed why their winner has become an irrelevant Big4 queen. And in case you do not know, the only predecessor of Bea who has accomplished many things – including an attendance to the second presidential inauguration of Obama – was Ikumi Yoshimatsu. Ironically, she accomplished all that on her own, without the helpf from MIO, who was obviously NOT happy about it. All of her accomplishments were done through an agency that she built herself, because after taking photos with the UNICEF guy, all they asked her to do was to escort Hashimoto in dinner functions with his friends. Next time Missosology, get your facts straight and don’t patronize a pageant that is disrespectful towards women. All you see from the surface are fake!

  3. This is a very stupid editorial. Fernanda did NOT do anything during her reign and that was actually one of her biggest disappointments, which she challenged Ikumi to change when she put that crown on her head. Ikumi herself did not understand that at first, until she ended up in many compromising situations, the fact that she was an unexpected winner from Japan did not help at all. They wanted to abuse her profusely. The new owner of Miss International illegally bought the rights from Hashimoto last year! How can someone sell a “shadan hojin” to a new private owner, if it’s indeed true that they are a public entity? Or maybe, they are just hiding behind that fake identity called ICA. Missosology, you are supporting a bogus pageant!

  4. I also would like to add if the writer ever thought of the scenario that Bea Rose may have wanted to do charity works outside of her own country – after all, she’s Miss INTERNATIONAL – but the organization is the hindrance to it. Have you ever thought of that?