Two beauty superpower nations – Philippines and India are both bound to shake up the Top 10 of the Big4 ranking. Currently, Philippines is ranked at Top 5 – an excellent ascent from rank No. 9 in 2010. This climb is not only a reflection of the gaining strength of the Philippines but also because of the poor showing of other countries. The country also got a tremendous boost after winning its first Miss World crown. Meanwhile, India is generally having a flat trend. Its turnaround lately is largely pulled down by its previous poor showings like the 2009-2011 Miss Universe drought including its disappointing Miss World performance. It is still struggling to win its first Miss International and its 2010 Miss Earth triumph saved it from descending in the ranking.


There are however great signs that both nations will soon climb further in the ranking. India has a brighter prospects because what separates it from 6th ranked Finland is simply one of the Big4 crowns. Philippines has a much tougher mission. Currently, Colombia is ahead by 261 points. The possibility of both India and the Philippines going up 1 rank higher is still out there. India can count on good showing at Miss Earth and hope Finland will not perform well at Miss International. Philippines can bank on the scenario where it will win Miss International  and land on the Top 4 of Miss Earth in order to surpass Colombia.


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