The 5th edition of Mister Supranational, one of the largest and most important male pageants in the world, will conclude tonight, August 22 in Poland. This year’s Mister Supranational boasts some amazingly competitive contestants. All throughout their journey, the men have never been hotter and more in demand to pageant fans. So many beautiful men, it’s hard to predict the successor of reigning king Nate Crnkovich.

Amid the excitement that goes along with the preparation and anticipation of this event, let us present our Final Hot Picks picks based on our careful observation of their looks, physique and sense of style:

1 Greece, Spyros Nikolaidis
2 Spain, Lucas Muñoz-Alonso
3 Nepal, Santosh Upadhyaya
4 Togo , Abdel Kacem Tefridj
5 Venezuela, William Badell

6 Mexico, Gustavo Adolfo Rosas
7 Puerto Rico, Francisco Vergara
8 Peru, Varo Vargas
9 Colombia, Manuel Molano
10 United States, Felix Martin II

11 Philippines, John Adajar
12 Slovakia, Marek Jastrab
13 Brazil, João Henrique Siqueira Lemes
14 Dominican Republic, Ivan Oleaga
15 Poland, Daniel Borzewski

16 Romania, Geany Daniel Zamfir
17 Morocco, Walid Chakir
18 India, Rahul Rajasekharan Nair
19 Czech Republic, David Kremen
20 Singapore, Sauffi Gonzales

21 Malta, Raffael Fiedler
22 Thailand, Nipun Kaewruan
23 Ecuador, Mario Iglesias
24 Panama, Luis Baloyes