The preliminaries ended with a big conclusion – many of the frontrunners faltered. This makes the whole competition open to anyone. The prediction game will be back to square one with so many favorites off the list while so many ignored girls looking good with it comes to their chances.


Reviewing all of the contestants is a huge task so let’s get direct to the point. Here are some of the highlights. Let’s start with the swimsuits.


Mexico did okay while Israel looks elegant in her gown. Great performance by Puerto Rico but the gown is not so good


Miss Australia – let’s be blunt – her thighs are huge. The doubt that swirled about the body structure of Olivia has been proved true.


Miss Czech Republic – this is a girl to watch. She may not have a phenomenal body but she walked onstage bubbly and full of personality. Her short hair is also working on her advantage.


Miss Dominican Republic – this girl proved the hyped. She delivered well at the swimsuit competition. She walked onstage with lots of energy and positive vibes.


Miss France – she is weak on the catwalk and it is pretty much disappointing to see her on that situation. She is thought to be a frontrunner but she failed to deliver.


Miss Great Britain – she is a Latinized British. Okay, last year was the real Latinized British but this time around, Amy walked onstage like she’s a Latina. She is full of energy and glam!


Miss Indonesia – she did walk great for she is a fashion model but she lost her balance on the way.


Miss Israel – Yityish is one of the talked about girls but the swimsuit segment she failed to deliver. Her one piece choice is not the right choice.


Miss Mexico – the rumor that this girl is flabby is pure rubbish. Cynthia improved a lot from her initial swimsuit photos. Her hips are a bid wide but she is in no way flabby.


Miss Netherlands – she’s a silent fighter. She is subtle yet it is undeniable that this girl is delivering a very good performance at the swimsuit.


Miss Nicaragua – she has a curvaceous body but there is a great doubt about the way she presented herself onstage. She is too rough and unpolished with her performance.


Peru is a dark horse while Turkey is surprisingly excellent. Poland failed to deliver

Miss Panama – oh my, this girl is just statuesque. You have to love her legs, her body, her curves! Carolina’s height is clearly an advantage and she walked onstage full of confidence!


Miss Philippines – she surprisingly delivered well in this segment. Her height is her disadvantaged having been pooled with the tall P’s but she did well.


Miss Poland – okay she wore a one piece and this is a disaster. With so many not so appealing girls in the competition wearing one piece, Poland’s choice is ruining her chances. Her body shape is also not impressive. She is one of the frontrunners who faltered in the prelims.


Miss Puerto Rico – what a phenomenal candidate! Monic owned that stage and she is one of the frontrunners that delivered where it mattered. She’s elegant, composed and ruled the stage. Everyone should bow to this goddess.


Miss Sweden and Miss Mauritius – drunk contestants for this year edition? Or just bad training on the catwalk?


Miss Spain – she’s looking great and she’s simply gorgeous


Miss Turkey is wow! This girl is simply beautiful. She’s definitely a finalist!


Miss Ukraine – Olga is another frontrunner that did well. She lacked energy at the swimsuits but her body and presentation can’t be ignored.


Miss USA – Erin looked beautiful in here and she has a good body structure too. She walked onstage with that a beautiful casual way. She is just comfortable with herself and it is very appealing to see her onstage.


Miss Venezuela – this girl has the right curves at the right places. Ma. Gabriela aced the swimsuit!


And now some of the highlights of the gown competition.


Miss Belgium and Miss Great Britain – the humungous gown that these two ladies had are twin disasters of the evening. Noemi looks like she is ready to mop the stage while Amy struggled with her dress when she went down onstage.


Miss Malaysia and Miss New Zealand – So where’s the million ringgit gown and where’s the gown lent by Puerto Rico. Both are publicity stunts or what?


Miss Brazil in pink with multi-colored jewels looks resplendent. Mixed feelings but generally she looks eye-catching.


Miss El Salvador’s gown is a bit weird. The deliberate attempt to align the jewels in the bustier to highlight her breasts is just weird.


Miss Colombia in a white gown that flows nicely is also eye-catching.


Miss France looks nice but she lacks the necessary energy.


Miss Israel looks elegant. She looks great all covered up and her gown shows her curves.

Miss Panama looks statuesque but violet is not her color.


The Ps are a pretty strong batch with both Philippines and Puerto Rico wearing yellow. It was mediocre performance for Philippines but Puerto Rico showed a lot of elegance but her gown design is far from impressive.


And again Miss Turkey wow! She could be our next Miss Universe. Her catwalk during the Tony Ward was awkward but here at the prelims she aced it. Way to go Turkey!


Miss Ukraine is a nice. Olga attempted to look classic but there is a great doubt how the judges will perceive this.


Miss USA did well but the gown is not Erin’s color.


Miss Venezuela struggled with her gown. She had a bad walk. Her inclusion to the semis will be jeopardized by this unfortunate performance at the gown.


The verdict? Watch out for the following:


1. Brazil

2. Czech Republic

3. Jamaica

4. Panama

5. Philippines

6. Puerto Rico

7. Spain

8. Turkey

9. Ukraine

10. USA


MUO possible picks


11. Israel

12. Italy

13. Poland

14. Russia

15. USA


Winners of the voting


16. Sorry guys what we really meant is Myanmar!