Ah! Farewell dresses. You just have to look good but try to be careful not to attract too much attention. After all, a new girl will take away all the spotlight from you. For the last ten years, Miss World winners had tried in varying degrees to look great but at the same time trying to tone it down. Wenxia Yu wouldn’t dare to steal the thunder of Megan Young nor Unnur Birna will ever attempt to rain on Tatana’s parade. And surely, Rosanna wouldn’t want to be labelled as Maju’s party pooper, right?


So which among these farewell dresses at Miss World you like best?



Miss World 2003 – Azra Akin’s red dress with busy skirt


Miss World 2004 – Rosanna Davisson’s plain red with white  rings


Miss World 2005 – This apple green with pleats all over is Maju Mantilla’s farewell dress


Miss World 2006 – Looking top class in her metallic gold dress, Unnur Birna2007

Miss World 2007 – Tatana in a simple yet sexy black


Miss World 2008 – Zilin in ribboned dress with layered yellow skirt


Miss World 2009 – The elegance in Ksenia is very evident in this charcoal grey dress


Miss World 2010 – The all white dress of Kaiane is sprinkled with faux stones


Miss World 2011 – Alexandria in drab green


Miss World 2012 – Ivian in a sexy white lacy dress

2013Miss World 2013 – Wenxia in see-through white white silver appliqué


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