(France World)

Ines Ligron – 4th

Tomas Haberl – 2nd

Rafa Delfin – 1st

Donald West – 2nd

Peter Sereno – 4th

Madusha Mayadunne – 1st

Yael Markovich – 1st

Steve Haynes – 1st

Internet Poll – 1st


It was not an easy victory for Marine Lorphelin in the highly competitive Timeless Beauty 2013.   She was 4th Place in the Preliminary Competition, 2nd Place in the Semifinal Competition, and eventually took the ultimate title of Timeless Beauty, with four judges plus the internet poll putting her in 1st place.

Marine may have a very simple upbringing, but she has already proven to be a great pageant contender.  She won the extremely competitive Miss France 2013 title in a pageant held on December 2012.  Several months later, she went on to win 1st Runner-up at Miss World 2013, competing against nearly 130 delegates from around the world.   But that’s not all.  As cliche as it may sound, beauty is not just skin deep for this lovely lass from Burgundy (local name  Bourgogne).  Even before competing at Miss World, this 20-year-old medical student has already championed a couple of worthy causes, which are also related to her field of study:  children’s health and promotion of organ donation.   It is even reported that Marine has signed an agreement that she will donate her organs post-morten to those in need.

Marine’s beauty is not the type that needs to be glammed up in order to be appreciated.  Whether she’s on stage or  doing physically demanding stuffs like bungee jumping, riding a bicycle underwater or diving in ice-cold water, she would still look gorgeous.  In fact, she would literally do everything that was mentioned above in order to raise money for children who needed heart transplants.  That’s the kind of beauty that is radiated from within.  It truly shines from inside out and that’s what the judges probably saw in her.

Marine may not have won the Miss World title, but she will be forever etched in Missosology as the Timeless Beauty winner for 2013.  She is the first ever recipient since the inception of this award in 1996 to have come outside the Miss Universe system.  Needless to say, she is also the first Miss World delegate, and French woman to win this award.

It is indeed a symbolic triumph for this amazingly and incredibly beautiful French girl!