In case you have been wondering why there are no homecoming parade for both Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich and Miss Universe 2013 Ma. Gabriela Isler, think about the political situation in Venezuela. The current administration is so keen in protecting its socialist-style Chavista policies to the point that it began killing its own citizens.


Both Alyz and Molly are supposed to be given a public parade and state like fete. Instead these two fabulous beauty queens were simply given a welcome program on TV. It is not that the Venezuelans don’t know how to honor their queens or don’t know how to party. It is simply dangerous to do so nowadays.


As pointed out before, political upheavals in a country can seriously affect the pageantry circle. Already, Venezuela can no longer honor its Big4 winners and that would make an international pageant organization think twice about crowning a Venezuelan again. If the current political chaos in Venezuela will not be resolved soon, it wouldn’t look attractive to have a Venezuelan winner. The problem right now is that both Alyz and Molly have virtually no local publicity and people simply don’t care as they have other pressing concerns.


Political problems are of course not unique to Venezuela alone. Ukraine’s political chaos is also threatening its participation at Big4. Expect that there will no Miss South Sudan. It is the fervent hope of Missosology that the Venezuelan violence will end soon. These kind of chaos benefits no one and it is a very sad situation for a nation that is known to be the home of international beauty queens.