The Big4 concept – that there are only four major pageants in the world namely Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth – is under assault. That is of course not new. The question however that is begging to be answered is if the Big4 Concept is just a figment of our imagination thanks to our biases and closed minds. Is Missosology biased in supporting these four major pageants? Is Missosology closed-minded for not welcoming the likes of Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International and Miss Tourism Queen International to the fold?

The only way to settle this question is to ask an independent organization that is devoid of any biases and closed-mindedness. Which organization could better answer all of our questions than the California-based search engine firm called Google, right? Using its very public Google Trends app, here we compare the popularity of the Miss Earth and Miss International (two of the Big4 Pageants which are constantly being attacked by critics as dying pageants) up against the minor pageants such as Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International and Miss Tourism Queen International.

Never mind that BBC, CNN and other major international media outfits had concurred with Missosology on the concept of Big4 pageants. Never mind that year after year, the Big4 winners are always the one who gets all the attention. The graph below simply confirmed what we knew all along. Google Trends measures how many times a keyword becomes a headline on a reputable media outlet. With Miss Earth in blue, Miss International in red, Miss Supranational in yellow, Miss Grand International in green and Miss Tourism Queen International in violet, it is very apparent on this graph that the best times of minor pageants can’t surpass the best of times of the Big4 pageants.

Time to rest our case.



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