The ‘Supra Star Search Virtual Competition’ was officially launched on November 3rd. Aiming to give entrants in countries with no national organizations the chance to make it to the Supra stage, this competition will award one or more entrants the opportunity to represent their country at Miss or Mister Supranational in 2021.

“Every year we receive so many enquiries from candidates in countries with no national organizations. Very often they are not able to make their dreams come true without the help of an organization backing them. As we cannot run our competitions in the midst of a global pandemic, I have more time than I normally would. Therefore, I decided to try something new. 2020 is not a very pleasant year for any of us, so if I can give one or more people the chance to be with us next year, I would feel I have done something somewhat worthwhile with 2020,” explains Miss and Mister Supranational Creative Director, Andre Sleigh.

Once all entries have been received, there will be rounds of public voting as well as judging by a panel of industry experts that will help determine one or more winners who will be awarded their national Miss or Mister Supranational national title(s). The winner’s (or winners’) entry fee and flight tickets will be covered to help make their goal attainable.

“Everyone will be able to help support their favorite contestant with their one free vote per round. With the other voting options, I am hoping to generate enough revenue to help bring someone to the international finals. If we can manage to get more than one person to our next editions, it will be an added bonus, which I will be thrilled about. Anything that is left over will be used for work supporting the ‘From The Ground Up’ Community Service Initiative that was launched by the organization earlier this year,” Sleigh further explains.

.Supra Star Search entries will be open until December 5. Contestants who are interested can visit @suprastarsearch on Facebook and Instagram for more information. Entries can be submitted at Missosology.Org