Delaware once again failed to be in the semis of Miss USA contest and so the so-called Delaware curse continues. An urban legend in itself, the curse is reflected in the sorry reality that Delaware is a small yet affluent state. Being small means the choices are not that much and being affluent means a lot of women are better off finding opportunities in venues other than beauty pageants.


But the state organizers have their own faults too. This year, Miss Delaware USA Kelsey Miller sported a body that lacks definition. Definitely, the responsibility to tone down her body rests upon her state director and everyone involved in the state pageant. Her choice of gown did not help her either. This puts a huge question mark on how committed is the Delawarean pageant community in breaking that so-called “curse”.


Delaware has a weak sash and if the state pageant will not put extra effort in preparing their Miss USA delegate, the drought will continue. A Miss Delaware USA prior to the start of the competition, has already the odds stacked against her. Better preparations, rigid screening, non-stop visits to the gym and a more gorgeous gown next time around will surely end their curse. Believe, they say, and you are half way there. The Delawareans, as it seems, had already quit believing years ago.


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