For the first time ever since Acts of Union in 1707, the Scots will have the real chance to decide whether to become independent or not on September 18, 2014. However, whether the Scots will continue their servitude to the English or will honor the struggles of their ancestors, nothing will change for this country in 2014 at the Big4 Pageants. First, Scotland is already competing as a separate entity at Miss World and Miss Earth. Second, if Scotland will break free from United Kingdom, it would be too late to organize a pageant that will send a contestant to Miss Universe and Miss International.



 From left to right: Miss Earth Scotland 2013 Kiera Kingsman, Miss Earth Scotland 2012 Sara Pender, Miss World Scotland 2001 Juliet-Jane Horne, Miss Universe Scotland 1980 Linda Gallagger with Miss USA Shawn Weatherly


The history of Scotland at Big4 Pageants is quite interesting. It’s a story of being always a bridesmaid, never the bride. For example, the country almost won the Miss Universe crown in 1980. The pageant was held in Seoul, South Korea and Miss Scotland Linda Gallagher was one of the front-runners. Linda however finished as first runner-up and her roommate, Miss USA Shawn Weatherly was declared the winner. In 2001, Scotland was two places away from taking home the Miss World crown. The beautiful Juliet-Jane Horne became the 2nd princess in a pageant held in Sun City, South Africa and it became the highest placement of Scotland at the pageant to date. At Miss International, Scotland boasts three semifinalists: Marie Smith in 1968, Margaret Bisset in 1981 and Alison Dunn in 1983. Meanwhile, at the Miss Earth pageant, Scotland should be proud of Sara Pender who, in 2012, became the country’s first ever semifinalist in the pageant.


However, majority of the Scots don’t have the balls to vote yes for independence. They worry that a small nation without a currency of its own upon independence is a recipe for disaster. The oil reserves in North Sea are also dwindling and they are situated in areas of Orkney and Shetland Islands – territories whose population do not share the same Celtic stock as the Scots. An independent Scotland may prompt Orkney and Shetland Islands to demand more autonomy or even free association with Britain (and maybe a Miss Orkney and Shetland Islands at Big4 Pageants) leaving Scotland without a milking cow. Also, if Scotland becomes independent, it automatically put the country outside of the European Union and must undergo a tedious process of admission to the Union requiring approval from London and even Madrid – which is also nervous with the rising tide of Catalan nationalism.


Missosology would love an independent Scotland and a Miss Scotland free from the yoke of English supremacy at all Big4 Pageants. An independent Scotland will also have long term effects. Great Britain or United Kingdom for example will no longer exist. Wales would also demand independence as well as other entities in Europe including Catalonia, Sardinia and Corsica or even the Basque country. However, it looks very unlikely that the Saltire flag will soon be waving in all Big4 pageants in the near future. Recent surveys shows that majority of Scots are way too cowardly to assert their freedom as opposed to what we have seen in romanticized Hollywood movies like Braveheart. A nation that gave as bagpipes, tartans and haggis is psychologically incapable of independence. Without independence, Scotland will never be represented at Miss Universe, a pageant that they last participated in 1990. It will also be very unlikely that they will be represented as a nation at Miss International where they last competed in 1986.



An independent Scotland would be something of a dream but if indeed it will happen, the real strength of the nation at Big4 Pageants will be felt in 2015. It will be a year when local organizers can now select its own contestants at Miss Universe and Miss International and that the Miss Earth and Miss World franchises will now be transferred locally, free from the interference of London. Scotland had shown in the past that its beauties can compete with the best in the world. A free and independent Scotland will give the nation a fresh breathe of hope that somehow a Highlander beauty will conquer the world and bring home a crown to this beautiful and wonderful nation.





Riaghaltas na h-Alba has already published a blueprint for independence detailing what a free Scotland would mean for the Scots