For a pageant that encourages its contestants to do comical monologues when presenting themselves onstage, everyone should have a clue by now that Miss Grand is just desperate for attention. The shouting, the hand gestures and the body motions were all curated so that it will be the talk of the town at the expense of the dignity of the contestants. Add the out of this world costumes and you’ll have a perfect recipe for a comedy.

Miss Grand and Miss Grand Thailand will remain obscure if they will act normal. A ruse must be made so they will gain attention. For example, medical experts are baffled on how anyone can faint onstage but managed to arrange her legs seconds later. That’s exactly what happened to the 2018 winner. It looks like she exchanged her dignity for a crown.

Even when everyone’s attention was on Miss Universe, Miss Grand skillfully inserted itself by posting that cooking show post that no one really paid attention to except the Filipino press. It should have been ignored. Those who seek attention by creating a stunt should be left alone. The moment you took the bait, they will win.

The “fat/fit” Instagram story was part of the grand scheme of things to attract the spotlight because hardly anyone pays attention this cheap pageant. No one could believe that it is just a coincidence that the body shaming woman was picked as the winner. Miss Grand can’t be famous on its merits alone so it has to find under the belt alternatives.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s photo was shamelessly edited and she was right by not biting the bait. The Filipino press though took it – hook, line and sinker. They shouldn’t have. Now, everyone talks about Miss Grand. The pageant is basking under the warm rays of recognition and tit doesn’t care if it’s all for the wrong reasons. The only way to defeat its sinister ways is to let it slid back to its own mud where they truly belong. After all, have you seen so much dethronements in such short span of time?