OPINION :: Filipinos should support Pia



With the crowning of Pia Alonso Wurtzbach as the new Miss Universe Philippines, the netizens are unabashed in venting their frustrations with regards to the overall results. Like Missosology, many of the Filipino fans are rooting for Janicel Lubina to win the plum prize. She settled for the Miss International Philippines title which technically an equally prestigious title.


The attitude of the public should however change. What we are seeing are similar frustrations displayed when Janine Tugonon won the crown three years ago. Yet, Janine proved her critics wrong by placing as first runner-up at Miss Universe. It is time to support the Bb. Pilipinas organization and admit the fact that they know what strategy to deploy in the upcoming Miss Universe 2015. Since 2010, the Philippines never missed the cut and that’s largely because of the hardworking team of Bb. Pilipinas organization who toiled hard to transform the Philippine candidates to become world-class beauties. On top of that, Pia was known to be under the tutelage of the legendary beauty maker Jonas Gaffud. The beauty training camp of Jonas known as Aces and Queens has produced the likes of Megan Young who earned the country’s first ever Miss World crown. Without doubt Pia is under a very good trainer – the one that could actually produce tangible results.






Pia herself is not an inferior candidate. Her beauty can easily shine in the crowd and has an international appeal. She is very experienced and she also possesses a body that could wow the judges. Above all, she has excellent speaking skills which is very necessary in hurdling the preliminaries at Miss Universe. So instead of crying over spilled milk, the Filipinos should rally behind the candidate chosen by an organization that has successfully brought honors for the country. Any negative comments and destructive criticisms will never help the country overall. When the Miss Universe season heats up, all Filipinos will be supporting Pia anyway. So it is a puzzle why some chose to start it all by griping and complaining.






  1. We support Pia of course. There’s no other way than it. And I hope that both Pia and Janicel will make the cut of their respective international pageants. And there is even the chance that both of them can bring home the crowns this year. But, for me personally, I believe the chances of the Philippines in winning the Miss Universe and Miss International crowns this year would have been a lot higher, way higher, if Lubina were to be sent to Universe and Wurtzbach were to represent us in International. Based on trend and history, one could see and say that Lubina is the type Miss Universe prefers while Wurtzbach is the type International favors. It’s also about giving to these international organizations what they want. And we have them only that we present them in the what may be called wrong organizations. If the two were switched, there could be a bigger chance that this year both Universe and International will be conquered by the Philippines again. But yes, again, we support them all.

  2. I will support them both… what I really don’t like is the the manner Ms. Toni Gonzaga hosted the Q&A portion of the coronation night. Not only she is rude but shouldn’t have hosted the pageant at all… tsk, tsk… wrong move, ABS CBN! How can you ridicule the country’s most prestigious beauty pageant??!!

  3. I am a Janicel Lubina Fan for Miss Universe Crown yet the results yesternight has been revealed already. We cannot do anything about it yet what we can do is support our candidates in their respective Pageants. I am just so frustrated because the probability of clinching the International Crowns could have been higher if the two is switched.

    • I’m sorry Lawrence but I disagree with you… No question about Janicel’s presence and catwalk on stage she nailed it… However she still lack the wittiness and intelligence to answer SIMPLE questions, even in a press interview. Remember, MU is not looking for models, they are looking for a lady with the overall package that can represent the organization and can ARTICULATE very well and sad to say Janicel cannot even articulate herself very well….

      • I don’t agree completely with the comment that MUO is also looking with someone who can articulate very well on top of looks and overall package. Just look at Miss Colombia Paulina Vega who won the 2014 MU crown in Doral Florida last January. I did not see Paulina handled her Q&A very well (much better is Miss Jamaica) and yet Donald Trump handpicked her for the crown. Honestly at the end of the day, maybe it be SMA for Binibining Pilipinas , Donald Trump for Miss Universe, or even Julia Morley for Miss World – it is in the hands of the owner to think who is deserving in representing their respective organization.

  4. Pia is a clear winner to me. I myself am a Kenyan with Indian roots, who is simply happy with the results. The girl has passion and zeal to succeed, She will definitely do well. I am her big fan

    • She may be mixed, but she doesn’t look like it at all. She has the face of a regular common Filipina. She has a wide nose, brown skin, all of that. Also, for the past 15 years, all of the Miss universe Philippines contestants have been full Filipino except Venus Raj (2009) and the Mary Jean Lastimosa (2014). Neither of them are European mixed though, one is half Indian, the other is half Arab. So there goes your theory…

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          • Yeah, right! If Pia ends up as a clapper then so be it. Life goes on. At least she will give it her best effort and be positive about the experience. Something that obviously you haters are not capable of.

          • whether we win or lose, we don’t bitch, whine and cuss and swear at the winner like “u know who”. we accept the reality and move on..

          • what a big fat hypocrite you are. you have the nerve to say that after sowing negativity and hatred in this website. you asshole bashers are all alike. you keep putting down others without seeing or just plain ignoring the heaps of shit on your faces.


  5. It would’ve been great if these were the result:

    Miss Universe Philippines – Hannah Ruth Sison
    Bb. Pilipinas International – Janicel Lubina
    Bb. Pilipinas Supranational – Rogelie Catacutan
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental – Pia Wurtzbach

  6. No doubt that Pia deserves a crown and our support, but the issue here is, did she get the right crown? Historically, Miss Universe has crowned beauties who are true to their country’s look, who are young, gorgeous and statuesque. This is why I still feel that our best bet to MU is Janicel Lubina. SMA thinks otherwise, so I hope she’s not wrong again, as she always is. I don’t know about you guys, but it seems that SMA sends candidates to MU who are at best good enough to be runners-up, not queens. We had a gem in Lubina and SMA let that go yet again.

      • How come that they would win the pageant if, in fact, they weren’t joined the pageant? According to Wurtzbach, you SHOULD THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. Just stop bashing and just respect the results ok.
        I’m from Puerto Rico and we appreciated and supported Pia and we also know here that bashing is not helpful in winning a crown and bringing honor to our country and nation.

        • “How come that they would win the pageant if, in fact, they weren’t joined the pageant?”

          Don’t you mean how can they win the pageant if they don’t join?

          Let’s be honest about discrimination. If we can’t be honest about how insidious colonial mentality is then we have our work cut out for us. Beating unfair ideals and systems isn’t just a matter of applying yourself and winning. The same way that complaining about poor working conditions isn’t as simple as filing a complaint going to court and winning. Life does not happen in a vacuum. There are forces at play here.

          There is a system at work here that favors TISAY beauty or EXOTIC beauty. Whichever comes first. There are plenty of gorgeaous dark, round nosed, not mixed and looking mixed filipinas who can win these crowns. HOWEVER they NEVER will. BB Pilipinas and the rest of the country is hell bent on showcasing on type of beauty that is relatively rare. I wasn’t dissing Pia, but I was pointing out her bizarre last name which indicates Euro lineage. I was defending her looks though becuase clearly “housemaid” is code for not a rich exotic foreign blooded woman despite the indication of such by her last name. I’m sure Pia will do well in Miss Universe however next year you can pick a beautiful woman with more average Philippine features. These women are just as good as the Megan Youngs out there.

  7. I think the only time Philippines will be possibly able to get its third crown for MU is when Stella Araneta dies but unfortunately “long live the witch”!

  8. Pia is going to prove to everyone that she will win MU 2015 and if her own Filipinos don’t like her others will bcoz in India many people watch the highlights on this pageant on YouTube and pia was a favorite to win.