So many things had happened prior to the Miss USA 2015 finals that almost everyone forgot about the real deal at the pageant. That is, Olivia Jordan won the crown and guess what, it is the first time that an Oklahoman has won the pageant. Hard to believe, right? But prior to Olivia, Oklahoma has only two first runners-up.

Jill Renee Scheffert (right) finished as first runner-up to Miss Texas USA

Jill Renee Scheffert gave Oklahoma its first brush with crown by finishing first runner-up at Miss USA 1989 contest. Those were the days when the Miss USA first runner-up was sent to Miss World and Jill made Oklahoma proud as she finished fourth runner-up in Hong Kong.

Morgan Woolard (left) came second to Miss Michigan USA in 2010

Morgan Woolard followed the same footsteps in 2010. She finished as first runner-up to Rima Fakih, with the latter becoming a clapper at Miss Universe. Morgan therefore became a wasted beauty with people raising a lot of what ifs. Like, what if Morgan competed at Miss Universe 2010 and what if she was sent to Miss World 2010.

Olivia Jordan, the tallest girl in the group, was a high school cheerleader

Thus, the victory of Olivia Jordan is a welcome change of fortunes for Oklahoma. It is also not just an ordinary victory especially since the Miss USA pageant has been under siege. Olivia is also not just an ordinary woman. She is an accomplished model, a budding actress and has appeared on national ads. She competed at Miss World 2013 and became of the Top 20 semifinalists.

Olivia Jordan as Miss United States at Miss World 2013 pageant

During and post pageant, Olivia showed how brainy she is and she is just oozing with confidence. Her answer about which heroine should be on the 10 dollar bill (Harriett Tubman) stands from the rest of answers at Top 5. How she handled the Donald Trump issue is just superb. She is classy, poised and with a lot of moxie, thus, truly represents the best that USA can offer to the world of pageantry.

Olivia hitting the catwalk at LA fashion event

All of the scandals and all the talk about the new crown, boycotts, racism, and the Delaware curse allowed the fans to take their eye from the ball. The real deal in the Miss USA 2015 is simple – an Oklahoman won the crown and her name is Olivia Jordan.

Olivia graduating from Boston University