by For_The_Love_of_Miss_Universe

This year, the very unlikely happened. Delaware, for the first time in the 64-year history of Miss USA, made it to the semis of the pageant. It was a long agonizing wait for the state that has been so unlucky so much so that they dubbed it already as the “Delaware Curse”.

What exactly the route that Delaware took to finally end its curse? Let me start off by pointing out the race of Miss Delaware USA 2015 Renee Bull. She is the second black woman to ever wear the Miss Delaware USA crown but she is the first black Delawarean woman to actually compete at Miss USA. (In 1990 Renee Smith, the first black woman to win the Miss Delaware USA pageant was dethroned because of the state hopping scandal).

Delaware is the Top 8 among the states with the highest percentage of black population – about 21% in recent census. It has the second highest concentration of blacks among the northern states. For the state not to be represented by a black woman at Miss USA until Renee speaks a lot about the qualities that she have.

This is not to say that there is racism in the pageant. This is just to say that winning a crown in a pageant that was never represented by a black woman at the nationals is a big thing. It means that Renee must be very very good to prevail in such contest.

The second thing that I would like to point out is her experience. This would augment the first reason. Renee is not a neophyte. She is very much well exposed in the world of pageantry. She participated in the state’s Miss America contest where she was hailed as the first runner-up. She also competed in the National Sweetheart contest in 2012. Indeed experience allowed the beauty queen in Renee to thrive and flourish.
The third is her attitude. She was not awarded (along with Miss Alaska USA) Miss Congeniality at Miss USA 2015 for nothing. At the state level of Miss America competition, she also won the same award. This shows that Renee is a girl that everyone gets along and that should not come as a surprise. The Middletown native, is the mid child of seven kids. It could probably take a lot of consensus and congeniality to survive in a such a big family.

Finally, I would like to point out Renee’s overall performance. Her presence at Miss USA pageant is just wonderful. She looks like a Miss Trinidad and Tobago with this kind of elegance that exudes finesse and class. She has a great performance at the swimsuit showing curvaceous body and a lot of confidence. At the gown competition she chose the color yellow and we know what yellow represents, right? For the year 2015, Delaware is simply full of joy and celebration.


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